Sheldon Lavin: Award Winning Member of the Meat Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin hasn’t always held such an important position in OSI Group, but he has always been vital to the survival of the company. Originally, Sheldon Lavin worked as a financial advisor, assisting the company in important decisions. In the 1970s, when the company changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group, Lavin shot up the company’s corporate ladder. Now, Lavin serves as CEO.

OSI Group began as a local butchery in Illinois. Their first big break came when a new restaurant opened up Illinois. This restaurant was called McDonald’s, and it eventually grew into one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. Eventually, OSI Group, still under the name of Otto & Sons, became one of the biggest suppliers of meat to McDonald’s. The company was supplying what would soon become the greatest fast food franchise in history, but at the time it was going through financial trouble. This is when Sheldon Lavin stepped up and came up with a solution: expansion and growth.

It was in 1975 that Lavin took on greater responsibilities in the company. He transitioned from being a simple advisor to becoming the CEO of the company. Sheldon Lavin also purchased majority stake in the company. Sheldon Lavin took the local butchery, and he transformed it into a national supplier. Next, Sheldon Lavin expanded the company across national boarders.

Lavin is a recipient of the Global Visionary Award. This award is given to individuals who have worked hard during their careers in order to make their dreams a reality. The Global Visionary Award is given by the Vision World Academy based out of India. Lavin was given the award for his activities at OSI Group. They recognized Lavin’s ambition – the ambition that allowed him to work his way up the company chain, saving the company along the way.

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David McDonald- the OSI Group President Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills that Have Led OSI Group to Success

Excellent leadership skills play a significant role in propelling an organization towards success. One leader who has displayed exemplary leadership skills is David McDonald who currently serves as the OSI Group president. Hailing from Iowa, Mr. McDonald undertook an undergraduate degree in Animal Science. After some time, he served as the chairman of the North American Institute. Afterward, Mr. McDonald also got an opportunity to serve as the project manager at OSI Group.

Background Data

David McDonald always had the ambition to achieve a lot throughout his lifetime. With that said, as the current president of OSI Group, Mr. McDonald had to work had to be granted such a position at OSI Group. His hard work over the years has been paying off, and as the president of OSI Group, Mr. McDonald has been able to propel the company towards success through the formulation of appropriate strategies. By paying close attention to the logistics team, Mr. McDonald has been able to ensure that OSI Group is at par with the dynamic market trends globally. Furthermore, by working together with the local marketers, Mr. McDonald has been able to ensure that customer satisfaction has been met all at times.

The Acquisition of Baho Foods

Over the years, OSI Group has been able to expand their market presence on a global scale. However, venturing into various countries never counts much. What matters most is whether the company can gain recognition in the different countries they have established their branches. For instance, to strengthen their presence in Europe, David McDonald saw it fit to acquire Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a food retailer based in Europe, and the company has been able to capture the attention of a considerable population in Europe. As a result, by acquiring Baho Foods, Mr. McDonald is sure that OSI Group will be able to strengthen their presence in Europe.

Additional Information

As for David McDonald, he joined OSI Group as a mere project manager of OSI Group. However, as a man filled with ambition, he had to work his way up the ladder. To do so, he had to formulate on how he would gain promotions from one rank to the other. Due to his passion for business, as well as agriculture, and biology, Mr. McDonald knew that OSI Group was a perfect fit for him since he could enact on his passion while serving at the company. So far, Mr. McDonald has been serving at the company for over 30 years, and he currently serves as the president of OSI Group.

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The Role David McDonald in Enhancing the Sustainability of OSI Group

In 1909, Otto & Sons began as small meat shop in Illinois, today the company is one of the biggest frozen food and meat distributors worldwide and also one of the largest private firms. The success of OSI is to a great extent due to the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. David is currently the COO and President of OSI Group. He believes that for the firm to ensure customer satisfaction, the company must be global-minded, but act local just like OSI’s dominant partner, McDonald’s.

David has been an integral part of OSI for over three decades. He and Sheldon the current CEO and chairman of OSI Group have been with the firm almost as long as the founders, sons of Otto Kolshowsky have. With Lavin at the wheel and McDonald by his side, the duo has managed to create OSI Group’s international empire. With more than 200,000 employees and 60 operational facilities in 17 countries, OSI is quickly scaling the ranks among the biggest private companies around the globe, taking the 58th position in 2016. The company’s revenue rose to 6.1 billion dollars in 2016 and extended its international operations considerably by merging and procuring Tyson Foods Chicago plant, Flagship Europe and Baho Foods located in the Netherlands.

David McDonald graduated in 1987 from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He joined OSI and quickly scaled the heights to COO and President. David believes that an international company cannot function on a single strategy, the reason why OSI Group has continually adjusted to its setting. In 2016, OSI purchased various large food and meat distributors in Europe, for instance, it bought Baho Foods, a Dutch food producer with five companies and runs in 18 European nations. This acquisition has kept the philosophy of David McDonald intact to maintain things local. According to David, the procurement of Baho Foods which has six decades of industry experience expanded the presence of OSI Group in Europe, significantly improving the range of products offered by the company.

By growing together with its partners such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and all its customers, OSI has managed to continually exceed expectations and offer the best services and products across the globe. This growth also involves enhancing its manufacturing capabilities and productive efficiency to increase production and reduce its environmental impact as well. In 2016, OSI Industries in the United Kingdom won itself the Globe of Honour award for the third time. This award is an outstanding UK prize for those firms who have exceptional environmental initiatives and practices.

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Sheldon Lavin Is An Award Winning CEO with a Philanthropic Heart:

Sheldon Lavin is one of the most respected businessmen in the foodservice industry. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for world leading food company OSI Group. With an educational background in finance, business and accounting, Sheldon initially worked doing financial consulting. His life changed when he met the Kolschowsky family, the owners of OSI Group. The company, then known as Otto & Sons had started as an Oak Park, Illinois meat market and had evolved into a successful food solutions outfit. Sheldon’s initial contact with the family was to help them arrange the necessary financing to accomplish their expansion plans. The Kolschowsky brothers were so impressed with Sheldon, and likewise, that he came on board with the company full time. The company embarked on a series of expansions, all the while maintaining its tradition of being a family oriented business. When the Kolschowsky brothers retired, Sheldon gained full control of the business. Because of his leadership, today, OSI Group is a global leader in custom food solutions. The company has developed its impeccable reputation through it’s total commitment to its customers, its insistence on maintaining its integrity, its constant goal of innovation and its carefully planned expansion. Sheldon Lavin was honored in 2016 for his business accomplishments by the Vision World Academy.

Visionary Entrepreneur:

The Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon Lavin its prestigious Global Visionary Award in 2016. This prestigious honor is an acknowledgement of an individual’s outstanding accomplishments that were achieved by persistence. The Global Visionary was not the only award associated with OSI Group in 2016. The British Safety Council also honored OSI Group with a prestigious award, the Globe of Honour. The award was in recognition of OSI’s commitment to environmental management efforts.

Sheldon Lavin’s Thoughts on All Things OSI Group:

When CEOCFO Magazine sat down with Sheldon Lavin about OSI Group and his career, he had some interesting things to say. Asked about OSI Group’s global reach today, he comments that the company is now physically operating in 17 different countries and running over 70 facilities. OSI primarily deals in a product range based on protein but they also deal in vegetables, sauces and baked goods. Sheldon is also asked about the vision he had for his company from the beginning. He is clear that becoming a world-class operation was always the goal from day one. Sheldon is also knowns for his philanthropy and was asked about his involvement with Ronald McDonald House. He emphasizes that he is very passionate about giving back and has always worked hard to be charitable and encourage others to do so as well.

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David McDonald: A Major Player In The OSI Group’s Success

In three decades of excellence at the OSI Group, David McDonald has risen from an entry level project manager to become the president and chief operating officer of one of the world’s leading food processing companies. Born in Iowa, McDonald grew up on a farm. He then attended Iowa State University where he was an excellent student. In his senior year in 1987, David McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. After graduating later that year with a bachelor’s degree in animal science, David McDonald accepted an entry-level position with the OSI Group.

That decision transformed David McDonald’s life and led the OSI Group to a greater level of success. McDonald’s expertise includes operations management, quality assurance, food safety, product development and supply chain management. Within a short time his knowledge of the industry grew and he was able to use his excellent communications skills to work closely with the governments, suppliers and customers. He was also able to handle even the most technical and complicated issues the OSI Group faced as they expanded into new markets all around the world.

David McDonald played a major role in helping the OSI Group become China’s leading poultry processor. He has overseen the construction of 10 poultry processing facilities in the country by creating valuable partnerships. McDonald said his most satisfying moment was building the company’s newest facility in China. It took lots of time and effort, a large investment and finding the right location and the raw materials necessary to get the job done. Building the facility also required an understanding of the local culture. David McDonald was able to provide large scale solutions to the problems the company encountered.

Helping the company remain flexible, establishing solid relationships and surpassing customer expectations has enabled David McDonald to help the OSI Group to gain a foothold in many new markets. He also helped acquire Baho Foods to increase the company’s customer base in Europe. His exemplary work with local marketers keeps their activities flowing smoothly. David McDonald has made it easier for the OSI Group process food products and provide them to major companies throughout the world. This helped make the company a global juggernaut in the food services industry.

A husband and father of six, David McDonald lives in Warrenville, Illinois. He’s also very active in St. Michael Parish and is on the North American Meat Institute’s directorial board.

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OSI Group President David McDonald on expansion plan

OSI Group the biggest food processing company in the world has been looking at ways of expanding its business operations to many places around the globe. The company has been applying the method of acquisition to deal with this issues. Instead of starting their food plants in other countries they have been buying already existing businesses which have goals similar to the ones OSI Group has set. In the last two years, the company has invested heavily in buying companies in foreign land especially in Europe. They have not only expanded their reach to another continent, but they have also invested locally.

In Chicago just near their main offices, they have acquired a processing plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods for its processing purposes. The 200 thousand square foot plant has been purchased in anticipation of business expansion in the near future. OSI Group has also gone to another step and has built seven new plants in various parts of the globe. The management of OSI has set its eyes on attracting a huge number of customers to their side. According to a report that was published by Forbes, OSI Group is the biggest privately owned Food Company in the world.

In Europe, OSI group has acquired one of the big players in the food industry called Baho Foods. Baho is a Dutch company that has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. It is made up of 5 subsidiaries which supply food to about 18 countries in the region. The acquisition of Baho foods will assist OSI group to penetrate the European market easily. The deal to acquire Baho will accelerate the growth of the American company since this is one of the areas where there is a huge consumption of processed food products. In the agreement that was signed between Baho and OSI Group, the management of Baho will be retained and will be the one to run the operations of ISI Group in the area.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the president of the company. He is the person behind the expansion efforts the company has been making. The group is aiming to increase its market presence all over the world. It is hoping that by acquiring established companies in various parts, they will have an easy time penetrating and getting acceptance from the customers. David worked as a project manager for this company before he was promoted to be the president.

An Insight on Nathaniel RU’s Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen has been in the headlines due to their impact in the food industry. Currently, Sweetgreen has stores in over 20 locations. Now with advancement in technology, Sweetgreen is expected to boost their sales by bettering their foods. The company’s co-CEO, Mr. Nathaniel RU stated that their objective is to create a brand that stands out from the rest. One that is rooted in providing more people with better food.


The company is rooted in technology. Most of its transactions have been done through their website or mobile application. Mr. RU has stated that the company has always had technology in its DNA. The company’s management is rethinking of changing its strategies. The management has seen it necessary to close all its corporate offices to ensure everyone works in the restaurants. Currently, the company is running without the main headquarters with the aim of growing the company nationally.


Georgetown, before Sweetgreen came to be lacked healthy eating options. The company saw this gap and decided to exploit it hence the formation of Sweetgreen.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders and co-CEO of Sweetgreen restaurants. He is also currently the Principal to SWTLF Ventures. Mr. RU graduated with a BS in Finance in 2007, from McDonough School of Business in Georgetown. Sweetgreen was later founded with the help of his two other co-founders. The main aim of the business was to have a fast casual seasonal kitchen.


The company objective is to provide meals that fit your taste, value, budget, and imagination. Due to this belief, the company has tirelessly aimed at providing Eco-friendly, healthy, and delicious meals to their customers. Nathaniel RU, through the partnership of his co-founders, launched Sweetlife, a music and food festival that has grown in popularity with an estimated attendance of over 20,000 people.


Sweetlife brings together high profile artists and chefs who provide the audience with an experience of their lifetime through entertainment and sweet, healthy foods. Sweetlife’s objective is to make the society embrace a healthy life. Sweetgreen as a brand has acquired numerous accolades. Some of the press accolades include Food & Wine Forbes, Bloomberg, CBS and CNBC, and Washington Post.



Anyone willing to venture into the food industry should care about their customer’s need. Sweetgreen saw a problem in the community and sort ways to eliminate the problem by providing healthy meals. The business is estimated to grow tremendously in the coming years.