Southridge Capital, LLC

Southridge Capital, LLC offers the following services in securitization, offering new companies better ways of getting capital. Southridge Capital includes the monetization of a companies’ existing resources base. Such approaches are often used, like loans against insider shares, capital assets, or many other forms of gathering resources. Southridge LLC seeks to help companies enhance their ability to get credit resources together. Southridge wants to help companies with creditor problems to eliminate their debt, replacing it with common stock. Southridge wants to advance the potential of existing liquidity in the client’s stock, without the requirement of a registration statement, and all while impacting the market in a minor way.

Southridge provides practical solutions to the financing problems portfolio companies who work with us face. We custom make the solution given the circumstances involved. Southridge offers products such as our Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA), which helps pave the way for companies to raise capital exclusively at any point in time despite market conditions. We understand the issues growing companies are facing at any given moment. Southridge is a private equity firm that specializes in private placement transactions with small private companies (PIPES), that require additional capital in order to make strategic purchases.

Southridge Capital via Facebook helps clients reach their goals, tailoring the solution to the companies’ situation. Southridge Capital has entered into a partnership with Elite Data Services in order to implement their software applications to the existing market. Elite Data Services focuses on making marketing and advertising solutions on existing businesses working in the fields of automotive, hospitality, and gaming. We have financed 250 public companies since 1996. Southridge is responsible for writing financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring analysis. We build detailed financial statements, evaluate all costs of funding, even as we undertake due diligence on potential acquisitions. Southridge also advises companies on what structure to take. Check out their website

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Greg Secker; CEO to Greg Secker Foundation

Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to Trade, Smartcharts Software and Capital Index. Secker was born in Norfolk in England. He went on to study at the University of Nottingham and attained a degree in Agricultural and food sciences. In his early career life, Secker served as a mere trading technologist in Thomas Cook Financial Services. His interest in philosophy made him start The Greg Secker Foundation that aimed at uplifting the way of people’s lives all over the world. The foundation has extended its wings to partner with other youths to provide education and life skills. Greg has grown to be a well renowned financial guru while still in his twenties. He has been a success in the interparental sector making him a worthy mentor to many young amateur entrepreneurs all across Europe.

Over time, Greg has grown to run one of the most profitable firms that have been key to making young youths in the streets earn financial freedom. Greg has a vast knowledge in foreign exchange and international education of financial trading. Throughout his career, he has been widely recognized for his enthusiasm in exploiting new adventures. His “why not” philosophy has been popular on the lips of many. Greg Secker believes that it is always better to give an idea a try and solve its shortcomings while on it already. Greg is an interactive individual who has been hosted in multiple interview shows.

The latest was the one by CEOCFO magazine. In this interview, Greg speaks of what lured him into the forex market. His experience in coding made him aware of the huge profits made in the virtual trade desk which he was a part of. This made him take a loan that served him as capital to his venture. By the end of the year, Greg had already made a worthy profit. Greg also cited the current objectives of The Greg Secker Foundation. The foundation current prime focus is to help rebuild a community in the Philippines that was interfered with by the Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. However, in this quest, the foundation is not only building Typhoon proof houses, it providing free electricity through wind turbines, supporting their farming and providing security.