The Oxford Club is Run by CEO Julia Guth

The Oxford Club is an exceptional membership organization that specializes in providing the highest level of resources and analysis for investors from around the world and is led by Julia Guth the Chief Executive Officer. Julia Guth was hired by The Oxford Club in 1989 and has provided exceptional leadership and valuable guidance to the organization from its very inception. She currently serves as CEO and has continued to build upon a legacy of providing the highest level of analysis and evaluation of various asset categories that provide members of the organization with the power to increase their portfolio size and protect their life-long wealth. The Oxford Club was established in 1989 and continues to build upon a legacy of networking and providing opportunities for shared information and resources that give insight and perspective into the potentially lucrative investment opportunities around the globe.


The Oxford Club has a very knowledgeable and passionate executive staff that leads the companies publishing, research, editorial, customer service, sales, marketing, and operations activities to provide the world-class information and resources that have come to be known as the highest and most insightful information in the investment publication arena. The Oxford Club has more than 100,000 members that are global in reach and continue to provide valuable data-sharing and intellectual expertise that creates a powerful influx of information and resources for its organization. The Oxford Club provides insight and analysis on dividends, stocks, trading options, cryptocurrencies, private equity, bonds, and various other asset classes that generate extremely profitable returns on investments for its members.


The mission and goal of The Oxford Club are to provide very wealthy investors with an opportunity to leverage their investments and provide continuous long-term returns on investment while protecting their assets from the risk of loss from various economic activities. The resources provided by The Oxford Club generally outperform all other publications produced from the mainstream generators of investment information such as Wall Street Journal and various other reputable resource publications. With the leadership of Julia Guth, The Oxford Club continues to flourish and generate high levels of analysis, evaluation, and resources that are creating tremendous wealth generation and wealth protection for its members.

Financial Service Provider

As an entrepreneur, it is significant to find a trusted financial partner who is going to stand by you in the excellent and the worst times of the business. Finding one who will stand by an investor can sometimes be a daunting task, and an entrepreneur needs to carry out a proper investigation to find a financial institution that will fit their requirements and type of business.

Nexbank is a leading financial service provider with its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The financial facility has been delivering its services and products in three cores including commercial banking, institutional service, and mortgage banking.

  1. Commercial Banking: it involves commercial lending, financial institutions, agencies services, commercial real estate lending, treasury management, and credit services.
  2. Mortgage banking: it entails, becoming a client, warehouse lending, wholesale & correspondent lending.
  3. Institutional services include treasury management, real estate advisory, public funds, investment banking, and financial institution.

Nexbank is built on a strong mission base of distributing their products and services through leadership and devotion to their clients all over the nation. The organization makes endless efforts to offer tailor-made services and products for their customers. Nexbank values their customers, and they take their issues and challenges as their own. Nexbank was charted in 1992 to deliver indispensable banking services. It is an associate of Nexbank Capita l Inc, Nexbank SSB, Nexbank Securities inc, Nexwash and Nexbank Tit le Inc.

Nexbank led by its Chairman James Dondero offers an executive management with a combination of expertise in the financial world to deliver the best financial services to their customers. Nexbank is an equal opportunity employer and has been working hard to meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Their recruiting and hiring process are conducted without any discrimination of color or disability as long as one is qualified.