Twenty Three Layers’ Guidelines for Successful Event Planning

Twenty Three Layers is one of the renowned event planning companies in NYC. The company operates fully as incredible and stylish planners and designers of various events within New York City and beyond. Their services vary greatly depending on the type of the event and the themes of the occasions. Basically what Twenty Three Layers organize are birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, weddings, charitable events for companies and organizations and even galas just to mention a few.


The company has a well-experienced team of event planners and designers who love what they do hence deliver their services to the best of their ability. Event planning has become something they consider fun while at it. The staffs have merged their wealth of experiences with unmatched creativity and this has reflected positively in the services that they provide. In the events, they deliver different delicacies prepared with a variety of ingredients depending on the preferences of their clients, decors with rich and incredible designs and even entertainment. What more could anyone ask for yet they already have corporate event planners in NYC.


In one of their recent blog posts, Twenty Three Layers provided the public with some of the guidelines to consider during event planning for the smooth running of their parties and celebrations. They stress that successful events are those that are planned for early enough without any last minute rushes. For them, this makes celebrations and get-togethers more fun and memorable when everything is set and no one has to be up and running to fix the technicalities that may arise.


Additionally, having sent the invitations early makes it easier for one to budget for the number of guests who confirm their attendance. However, invitations shouldn’t be much of a worry because there are cheaper DIY strategies to follow without having to spend much on invitation cards.


Technology seems to have overshadowed and simplifies human efforts in every field because apparently, Twenty Three Layers have come up with event planning ups. This has been possible through the invention of PitchIn where whoever is planning for an event posts their ideas. After this, various people respond by taking up different roles. Truly, Twenty Three Layer is the bomb in the whole of New York City when it comes to event planning.