Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Continues to Dominate

Eva Moskowitz’s network of charter schools named Success Academy, have been awarded $720,000 by the state appeals court. The ruling stated that the city of New York has overstepped its authority by trying to impose its own version of the pre-kinder contract on to the network. Right after winning the case, Eva Moskowitz has to go to Washington to accept the Broad Prize, which is given annually to charter school operators who are showcasing outstanding academic results among students who came from low-income families and students who are of color.

Success Academy has a total of 41 schools in its network, and they are currently educating 14,000 students from New York City who are from a low-income family background and because of their outstanding dedication to help the children of impoverished New York City, they have been nominated last year for the same award. The award that Eva Moskowitz and her network of schools received is a testament as to how they are innovating education for the sake of the generations to come. The most recent addition to the Success Academy network is the introduction of Ed Institute, which is an online database of free curriculum and training resources that are considered to be the foundation of the network’s school design.

This newest addition to the learning tools of Success Academy would only push them into new heights, as they currently are the biggest charter school network in New York City, and more are expected to enroll. The students who are studying at Success Academy continue to dominate state tests, finishing with high scores and have always been on the top.

For the record, the poorest performing Success Academy School managed to push 90% of its students to be at or above last year’s grade level on math tests. That is still considered high compared to other schools outside the Success Network, a proof at how the academy is focusing on giving its students proper education. They also managed to get high scores in English Language Arts, and 75% of its students are at or above last year’s grade level on reading. This figure is much higher than what affluent suburban schools around the city got.


The model of success that this network of charter schools is currently enjoying can be attributed to its founder, Eva Moskowitz. With her dedication and passion to help the children, no other charter schools around the country can ever claim what Success Academy have been through. Her will to provide education to those who doesn’t have that much money is what drives the students to study harder, providing results where one can be proud of. It has been known for some time that Success Academy has a secret to success, and they have been criticized for not sharing it out. However, one should understand that the key to the network’s success is simple – and as per Eva Moskowitz, it is the constant involvement of third party visitors and the children’s parents that drives their schools to success.