Beneful Dog Food From The Dogs Perspective

Beneful dog food company has a long history of cute commercials that bring a smile to everyone’s face. In their latest ads they approach the subject of dog food through the dogs eyes. In the Beneful Grain Free commercial, the dog is eating and describing the flavors of chicken, pumpkin, and blueberry while saying how much he enjoys it and how he enjoys his human’s smile while eating.

This theme continues into a commercial for Beneful’s “Bite and Breaks” beef dog treats in which the dog is sitting next to his owner and he explains that the cuter you act, the more treats the human will break off and give you. Marketing the products from dog’s perspective is an ingenious way of keeping the product sharp in the consumers mind. Stay tuned for Beneful’s next commercials, which will be dog pleasers for sure and more

Food for a Growing Puppy from Beneful

Beneful puppy food is healthy because it has the nutrients that the dog needs to grow. Ingredients are natural with a flavor that puppies will enjoy. DHA is included in the puppy food to support the eyes and brain development. The healthy puppy brand of food is ideal for building the muscles in the body and giving the coat a beautiful shine. The food is made with real carrots and peas so that the puppy is getting fiber, vitamins and protein. Click here to know more.

The brand is ideal for puppies of all breeds and sizes. There are bags available of different sizes depending on the breed of puppy as larger dogs will eat more at a time than others. Some of the flavors of the Beneful puppy food include chicken and beef. You can often find coupons for Beneful puppy food online and with inserts that are found in newspapers. Some stores have coupons on the shelves as well.

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