David McDonald: Swine Event and OSI Group Information

Swine Event

David McDonald the President of OSI Group will be in attended at an educational outing called Swine Day. This is located at “Iowa State University: in the “Scheman Building”. It will feature lecturers who target points that are encountered by pork producers from the United States. David McDonald serves the North American Meat Institution on their Board of Directors. Doing this supplies him with creative viewpoints on the courses the change the worldwide protein utilization. David McDonald will be there to discuss the food industries future.

The sessions for this outing will start at eight thirty in the morning and end at four thirty in the afternoon. In the morning portion along with David McDonald’s talk will also feature Canada’s Sunterra Farm’s Ray and Dave Prince and Ansell and Associates President Jeff Ansell. After lunch the event will have sixteen demonstrations that join with four simultaneous meeting. Following the event will be a barbeque for the conference which is catered by Des Moines Iowa’s “Smokey D’s” and more

OSI Group

Currently, the OSI Group is placed as one of the world’s biggest suppliers of food. OSI Group has facilities amounting to sixty-five and countries of seventeen with employees in total of 20,000. The great transition it had from a beginning that was humble to a business that’s big collective is an essential piece of the economic history in America in the 20th century. The worldwide headquarters are placed in Aurora, Illinois. This has several plants worldwide and all over the United States. Some common products that are produced are bacon, sausage, items of frozen dough, meat patties, prepared meats and different chicken products. Also, they account for a variety of grocery stores and food chains over the world. David McDonald for over thirty years has worked for this such company. He arrived in 1987 and more