Rocketship Education Marks Ten Years of Helping Students Achieve Success in Learning

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools known for making changes within the educational system. This organization was recently in the spotlight for having helped children in the state of California for more than a decade. Because of the organization’s emphasis on parent involvement, many children were able to successfully complete high school and move toward a brighter future by attending college. The role parents play in their children’s education is as important as the role the educators play. Rocketship Education believes parents need to voice their opinions and concerns to the community leaders who are able to implement changes.

In reflecting upon their ten year mark of assisting students in the California region, the team at Rocketship Education learned some important lessons along the way. These lessons helped show them how beneficial having an all-inclusive program is. The charter schools in their network do not discriminate against a student’s race, color or religious background. They stand by their mission statement of believing that all children deserve an equal opportunity for a good education. They also believe in hiring teachers who will provide students with the type of one-on-one interaction they need to succeed in the classroom. Parents are also encouraged to take an active part in the hiring of their children’s educators.

The team behind Rocketship Education fondly refer to their students as Rocketeers. They strive to provide a superior level of education to students on all grades by combining the best of standard instruction, the latest technology and personalized tutoring. This innovative approach to teaching allows each student to move along at their own pace, which benefits them by allowing them to retain more of the information they learn. The educators associated with this network of charter schools are also chosen based on their ability to approach students with a mindset of getting them ready for the opportunities that await them in the future. Not only does Rocketship Education encourage its teachers to make a positive impact on students, but it also encourages them to make an impact within their community to help bring about positive changes in the educational system.