National Steel Car’s Impeccable Transformation under Gregory Aziz

Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz, was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is a top railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm. National Steel Car was founded in 1912, by John Morison alongside other associates. Under Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car has been able to notice a significant growth in its production and sales. As a matter of fact, today National Steel Car serves the needs of both the American and Canadian market. It supplies rolling stock mainly to railway operators and commercial rail operators.

Greg James Aziz attended the Ridley College and then went on to the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in economics. After completing his studies, Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods in 1971. This was his family wholesale food business. Within 16 years, he made the “Affiliated Foods” grow to become a global importer of fresh foods. The company imported foods from major parts of Europe and Central America. It was also a major distribution company, serving numerous markets across Canada and U.S.A. Between 1980 and 1990, James Aziz served in the banking industry. In 1994, Gregory James Aziz successfully organized the purchase of National Steel Car. He wanted to transform it into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

It is no doubt that Greg James Aziz worked tirelessly over the years to bring up National Steel Car, which was once a great Canadian company. This is because the firm expanded its manufacturing capability from 3500 per year to 12000 by 1999. During the 5 years, under James Aziz, employment opportunities grew from approximately 600 to 3000. Greg James Aziz is said to have done all these by emphasizing on the company’s strong engineering capabilities, team work and investing on capital considerably.

Today, National Steel Car leads in new car innovation and constantly builds numerous new railroad freight cars each and every year. This is highly attributed to their desire to attain engineering excellence and perfection. This might as well be thanks to Greg James Aziz, for being able to co-ordinate and run the firm effectively. On the other hand, National Steel Car has for many years supported local charities like the Hamilton Opera and Salvation Army. It is also dedicated to helping the Hamilton community in every way possible. Greg James Aziz, together with his wife Irene are also philanthropic people. The two are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is the biggest agricultural fair in Canada. Truly Greg James has played a big role in helping National Steel Car and the community at large.