David Giertz Shares His Tips For A Comfortable Retirement

David Giertz has revealed the sad truth about millennials. They have not saved enough money for a comfortable retirement. Retirement is expensive, especially for people who retire earlier and live a long life. He has seen many individuals pull their social security too early. This reduces the amount they will receive. David Giertz has thirty years of experience in finances. This makes him highly qualified to provide excellent advice. He has discussed the most common mistakes and provided excellent retirement tips.

The most popular type of retirement account in the United States is a Roth IRA. This account is run by the government and aided by the employer. The employees matches a specific amount each month until they reach their limit. Beginning in 2017 individuals below fifty can contribute a maximum of $5,500 and individuals above fifty $6,500 per year. When taxes are filed as head of household or single the contributions cannot be made to more than one Roth IRA. When taxes are paid jointly as married the limit for annual income to contribute to both IRA’s is $189,000 to $199,000. When filing separately the annual income must be under $10,000 to contribute to both IRA’s.

Another popular account is a 401 k. This account is operated and backed by the government of the United States. Employers make contributions that are generally dollar for dollar until the limit is reached. The yearly contributions in 2018 increased to $18,500. People above age 49 can contribute $24,500 per year. The maximum catch up contribution is at $6,000 each year.

David Giertz recommends the Saver’s Credit for individuals of retirement age. The limits for yearly contributions increased in 2018. Mr. Giertz states a couple can use their retirement savings as long as their employers are unable to deduct their IRA contributions from their adjustable gross income each year.

The limits for health savings account contributions have also increased. The amount for singles is $3,450 each year and $6,900 for accounts that encompass the entire household. These accounts are beneficial because when the individual reaches 65 they can spend the funds on anything without having to pay a penalty.

Malcolm CasSelle

When it comes to the world of in-game virtual assets, OPSkins and Malcolm CasSelle are at the top of the heap. The firm is also the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet. That means that CasSelle is one of the most successful CIOs on the planet as he oversees operations for a company you might not have heard of unless you are very deep into the tech world. While the average consumer might not have heard CasSelle’s name or of his company, those that are paying close attention are seeing a man that is becoming every more popular and ever more powerful in fields that are growing all the time.

So who is Malcom CasSelle? Not only is he the CIO of OPSkins, he’s also the president of WAX. This is a firm that deals with asset exchanges and is another firm that is growing and becoming more important all the time. Before he took over the two firms he’s currently running, CasSelle was someone who was well versed in the tech world nad knowing how to run a company in a way that would only grow it.

Before coming to WAX and OPSkins, he was the President of New Ventures at the firm that you might have heard of but is now known as tronc, inc. Tribune publishing is the same company that allowed Chicagoans to get their daily news from the Chicago Tribune. Prior to that stint, eh was Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media of SeaChange International.

Even before that, CasSelle was working to get as many startups in the tech world going as well as possible and is a name that people in the industry know very well as being a visionary. This isn’t a guy who has managed to make his name in the world thanks to his connections or something other than know how. He received his bachelor’s degree from MIT and a masters from Stanford. There are few people in the world that can boast that kind of an education. He’s also someone who understands the global market, as he’s fluent in numerous languages. Don’t sleep on CasSelle if you want to know about successful endeavors.

Find out more about Malcolm Casselle: https://www.facebook.com/Malcolm-CasSelle-321891691649682/



OSI Group President David McDonald on expansion plan

OSI Group the biggest food processing company in the world has been looking at ways of expanding its business operations to many places around the globe. The company has been applying the method of acquisition to deal with this issues. Instead of starting their food plants in other countries they have been buying already existing businesses which have goals similar to the ones OSI Group has set. In the last two years, the company has invested heavily in buying companies in foreign land especially in Europe. They have not only expanded their reach to another continent, but they have also invested locally.

In Chicago just near their main offices, they have acquired a processing plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods for its processing purposes. The 200 thousand square foot plant has been purchased in anticipation of business expansion in the near future. OSI Group has also gone to another step and has built seven new plants in various parts of the globe. The management of OSI has set its eyes on attracting a huge number of customers to their side. According to a report that was published by Forbes, OSI Group is the biggest privately owned Food Company in the world.

In Europe, OSI group has acquired one of the big players in the food industry called Baho Foods. Baho is a Dutch company that has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. It is made up of 5 subsidiaries which supply food to about 18 countries in the region. The acquisition of Baho foods will assist OSI group to penetrate the European market easily. The deal to acquire Baho will accelerate the growth of the American company since this is one of the areas where there is a huge consumption of processed food products. In the agreement that was signed between Baho and OSI Group, the management of Baho will be retained and will be the one to run the operations of ISI Group in the area.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the president of the company. He is the person behind the expansion efforts the company has been making. The group is aiming to increase its market presence all over the world. It is hoping that by acquiring established companies in various parts, they will have an easy time penetrating and getting acceptance from the customers. David worked as a project manager for this company before he was promoted to be the president.


What Adam Goldenberg Does to Make Money

Fabletics is not only a style company but it is also a technology company. For that reason, their headquarters are among tech giants like Google that are in the same area in the Silicon Valley. It is what has made a difference for the company. Because they have access to places that are coming up with the most advanced technology, Adam Goldenberg has been able to make the companies as technologically advanced as possible. He does this so he can be different from many of the other fashion companies that are also available on the same type of market.

Perhaps one of the most important things that Fabletics and JustFab have is the ability to make things better for their customers. They have intuitive technology that helps choose all the right things for their customers. They use the personalized stylist software to come up with new outfits and ideas for the customers. It helps them feel like they are getting the best clothing possible. The personalized experience is what has given Adam Goldenberg the ability to continue making clothes that are among the best for all the customers he has. He wants the people who wear them to know they are getting something that was put together just for them.

Even though Fabletics and JustFab have been around for many years, they are always continuing to make things better for the people who use the services. It helps the people have an opportunity for success in every way. All of the things Adam Goldenberg has done for the company has made it easier on people who want to shop with the company. They know they are able to use the best opportunities possible to choose the clothing that will make them more comfortable in every way possible. It will also give them the help they need at feeling good about themselves.

Even when Adam Goldenberg first started, he knew he was going to make things better for people. He chose to design his company so people would have a chance to feel like the experience was made just for them. With customized showrooms, outfits that were picked by personal stylists and customer service that was nearly flawless, Adam Goldenberg was able to bring his company to the top of the charts. Now, it is one of the most popular retailers in the entire country and possibly even in the world.

The Future of Privately Owned Corporations in Brazil According to Felipe Montoro Jens

The identity of Brazil with the state has always been strong. This presence was more prominent in the 20th century. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, at the onset of privatization in the 1980’s, Brazil was almost to a debt crisis. The country had to actively take part in the infrastructure sector to achieve modernization. The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) claims that this is one of the best ways that can help Brazil meet its investment demands.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the powerful existence of the state marked Brazil in the 20th century. Following the 1930s political environment, the idea of infrastructure privatization was born. 50 years later, the country witnessed continuous state growth including state-owned businesses. In April 1990, the National Privatization Program began. Proposed by the government, privatizations became reform platforms for economic standardization. The process of privatization included the aeronautical, petrochemical, and steel industries. The Concessions Law was later passed into law by the government in 1995. The law established particular industries as priority privatizations. Some of these industries included banking, telecommunications, electricity, sanitation, and transportation. The Public Private Partnerships Act was approved in 2004. Telecommunications became the first sector in Brazil under private agents’ control.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens has broad expertise in finance as well as investments. He is the CEO of Energizer Captacao S.A. He has also held Director Position at Santo Antonio Energia. He became Braskem S.A. Director in 2010 where he worked until 2013.

Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in infrastructure. He gave his views about the Brazilian Government partnership with the National Bank for Social and Economic Development, BNDES. High levels of wastes in states have always concerned Felipe Montoro Jens. According to Felipe, high waste levels take away the state’s economic wealth. He is confident that the recent partnership will lead to waste reduction.

Cassio Audi the Best Chief Finance Officer

Cassio Audi is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University located in Sao Paulo. He has a masters degree from the University of San Paulo. Cassio Audi who is now 46 years old has a wide professional background. He is the head of the Peninsula Participacoes finance department and has been in the rank since November 2016. He has also worked as a stock and income analyst. He is also a trader at JP Morgan Chase which is the largest bank group in the United States of America. He has also worked as a Chief Finance officer at Gillette which is located in Brazil. Gillette is the leading manufacturer of Duracell, oral B and things like Gillette Braun. He dealt with planning, financial reporting, internal and external audits, accounting, cash management and many other activities.

Cassio Audi has worked with so many companies since the time he graduated. He has a vast finance experience and has been able to achieve greatness in terms of personal growth and development. He joined Rossi Residential and in 2012, he joined the unit Rossi Commercial Agencies the fifth largest real estate company in Brazil as the Executive director. He helped to restructure the company and made it grow from R $600 million to R$ 3.5 Billion between years 2008 and 2012. Later he joined GVMI which is located in Brazil and United States.

Cassio audio is a great finance expert in Latin America and has been ranked by several investors magazines as the CFO of the year. He has expertized in real estate finance fields and has helped many organizations grow from zero to multinational companies. He is truly an icon to be emulated and a mentor for many. He keeps on receiving best awards at his capacity as an Executive director and Chief Finance officer. He has grown from a humble background to a person he is today.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Cassio-Audi

James Dondero Is More Than A Simple Investor

James Dondero is one of the fastest growing American personalities in the investment world, being currently the President of Highland Capital Management, a company he co-founded with Mark Okada, the Chief Investment Officer of the team. For the past 24 years, since its inauguration, Highland Capital Management has been spreading its roots around the globe, with headquarters in the biggest metropolitan centers in influential countries across the continents.


The group, led by James and his partners, is the largest alternative credit provider in the U.S. and was one of the first companies to incorporate the CLO, a way of implementing a better securitization of payments from multiple businesses requesting loans.


Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, James Dondero has already received numerous awards that illustrate his real leadership and decision making for the companies he has worked. These awards include the Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation, he Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, and Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund, all in the year of 2014 when he was already the President of the organization.


The businessman graduated at the University of Virginia in Bachelor of Science and Commerce & Finances. From his graduation, he already passed through dozens of companies, corporations, investment offices, with multiple partnerships, including his presence at the Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, where he made the group grow from a small startup to a billionaire influence in the market. He was Chief Investment Officer of the subsidiary.


  1. Dondero is one of the directors of both MGM Studios and American Banknote, as well as Chairman of the Board for NexBank, where he was also the President and Co-founder.


James Dondero has not only helped the Dallas’ economy and influence but is also an activist in many philanthropical and charitable initiatives, according to his website. His donations to non-profitable causes vary from political actions to preserving the cultural aspects of the country.


Among the best examples, he donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo to assist in the return of the hippos to the zoo. James Dondero also is a supporter of the Education Is Freedom organization, the SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program and has donated to the Perot Museum of Science.