JAY Z Throws Juan ”OG” Perez A Birthday Party Worth Thousands Of Dollars

JAY Z Throws Juan ”OG” Perez a Birthday Party Worth Thousands of Dollars

If you are into the industry of entertainment then JAY Z is probably a familiar name. Better known as a hip-hop artist and icon, he recently threw  birthday party worth $113,000 to a close friend who is also his business partner, Juan ”OG” Perez. The party was characterized by lavish price tags of expensive dinner worth $13k alongside drinks worth $9k. The event was held in a club and close friends as well as relatives were majorly part of it.

Background Data

The birthday party began at night and OG’s wife was joined by Roc Nation’s family. They spent the extravagant night in an internationally –acclaimed restaurant in Japan. Moreover, they spoilt themselves with lobster, sushi alongside steak. The following event included the group making its way to a prominent night-club restaurant called Inwood. While there, they splurged drinks including Hova and Cognac.

The Highlight of the Event

The highlight of the event came when JAY Z and friends headed to the Playroom Nightclub and celebrated on forty champagne bottles totaling up to a bill worth $91,000. The first round was followed by a split in the group with Perez and JAY Z joined by other friends of course, spending the night at the club. Moreover, Roc Nations’ family partied all night into the morning. While at it, they enjoyed multiple aces of Gold Champagne alongside cool music.

The Observation

From the look of how the party went down, JAY Z is basically promoting his business. The genius in him cannot be outsmarted as at first, he indulges in his label called D’USSE Cognac in Mexico then he heads to Ace of Spades worth $100,000. Of course, the Roc Nation family spent thousands of dollars on Jay’s products. This only grows his empire. Jay has always been a prudent business professional but this is somewhat visionary, making him a force to reckon with.

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Equities First Holdings’ Melbourne Relocation

Equities First Holdings, LLC, a worldwide lender and a leader in the field of alternative shareholder financing solutions, has been providing services for it’s clients since 2002.

In November 2016, it was announced that the company had relocated it’s Melbourne office. The office has been relocated to the heart of downtown Melbourne, making it much more accessible for clients. It’s been stated that the move was due to the rapid growth of business.

The address for the new Melbourne location is 2/287 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Along with the office in Melbourne, the company also has two other Australian locations, which can be found in Sydney and Perth. Also, the organization has locations outside of Australia. The other countries where the business is located are the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, and the United States of America.

Regardless of the location, however, Equities First Holdings will always continue to provide it’s clients the quality financial services that they deserve.

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Talos Energy & Their Mission

Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is a public company that produces oil and gas. This company has been around for quite some time and just recently, it closed a big deal with another big company. Talos Energy has been ran by its executive director who is Tim Duncan. He is the president as well as the executive director of company and he has been able to get this company to reach a high level of success.

Talos Energy was founded several years ago and its mission was to be able to provide attention and to focus on the gulf. This is the place that needed it the most. The Gulf of Mexico needed investments to be done as well as business projects to start rising in the area. This company has been working with over companies through out the years to be able to reach its goal and be able to help the gulf recover from the damage that it has suffered.

Talos Energy just sealed a big deal with Stone Energy. To sum up the deal, both companies agreed to work together to create more efficiency. They decided to focus more on the energy production on U.S & Mexico side of The Gulf of Mexico. They are both willing to come together and put in the work to increase the oil and gas production in this area.

Since in the past, Talos Energy has not had much success working with other companies, they are looking forward to being able to work with Stone Energy to be able to be more productive and efficient in their work. These two companies are managed by great business leaders who who have the necessary knowledge and experience to grow together and help the gulf get back on track to success in the near future.

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A Look At The Life Of One Of Fortress’s A-List Principals, Peter Briger

Peter Briger, two simple, ordinary names yet powerful as they are a tag of someone who is not only wealthy but highly successful and one who commands a lot of respect in the finance arena. For those who don’t know him, Peter Briger is one of Fortress Investments group principals and a highly influential figure not only in finance but in the entire business world. Peter joined the company in 2002 after working with Goldman Sachs for fifteen years. Ever since he first stepped into business, Peter Briger has been achieving milestone after milestone and his transition to Fortress investments has been nothing but a blessing for the renowned asset management company.

Career growth

Nevertheless, Peter’s success does not come as a surprise because looking at his career journey, it is easy to see that his stars were always lined up for success not because he comes from a rich background but thanks to his determination and commitment. Mr. Briger first had his business encounter while at Princeton University where he emerged with a BA and also at the University of Penn where he was pursuing his MD in business administration. He later got intimately involved with the finance sector when he joined Goldman Sachs.

While here, Peter Briger served various positions a factor which helped him in finessing his skills at asset management, distressed debts and investing in liquid assets. When he got an opportunity to join Fortress Investments, he did so at the drop of the hat and his success today is sufficient proof that he made a wise decision. For instance, a few years after joining FIG, he helped the company expand their portfolio by $15 billion a factor that contributed to him being ranked 317 on Forbes list of the most influential and also richest self-made billionaires in the world. Today he focuses on Fortress’s credit fund and real estate side of business. His exceptional leadership skills and impeccable decision making has helped turn the company not only into a global conglomerate but a business for all seasons.

Charitable Peter

Aside from the success and his career, Peter Briger understands the essence of humanity and education which is why he still maintains close ties with the institutions he went to such as Princeton University. For instance, he has teamed up with two of his Princeton University classmates to help budding entrepreneurs smart their way up by offering them the financial assistance they need to make their dreams and imaginations a reality. He also sits as a board member for various charity organizations such as Silicon Valley which focuses on alleviating the impact of poverty across the world.

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Robert Deignan on Balancing Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness

How can you balance between entrepreneurship and constant creativity and still have a life outside of it all? From a distance, it seems quite a tumultuous task, difficult even, especially when if you are to choose such a rapidly changing industry as technology as your base. But entrepreneur Robert Deignan and his achievement with ATS brand among others prove that you too can attract success without losing yourself in the process. How did he make it?

Interests in technology

During his college years, in the early 1990s, Robert Deignan experienced firsthand the revolutionary effects technology could have in making life easy. Despite being a business student, the young scholar developed deep interests in technology and committed to venturing into the industry upon graduation. He was particularly passionate about exploring the challenges in every man’s day-to-day life and figuring out how he could use technology to address such issues.

Upon leaving school, Robert dedicated the first three years into learning everything he could about technology and how he could use it to address the customer care issues. This learning peaked with the of his first entrepreneurial project, Fanlink Inc. However, the digital company only served to introduce him to the larger world of technology as he would later land an executive vice-president’s post with iS3 Inc.

Shifting back to entrepreneurship

Robert Deigman commitment to entrepreneurship didn’t allow him to just view this new role like any other employee. He jumped on it and considered it a stepping stone to bigger goals. Het, therefore, committed to more exploring the technological industry further and soliciting for partnerships with like-minded individuals. And after close to two decades of serving in different software companies with the technology industry, Deignan left to start Advanced Tech Support (ATS) digital systems. The modern customer care service provision company has since gone on to become the first to achieve the AppSystem certification that qualifies its efficiency and the level of safety it accords its users.

Winning in personal life

The thirst for knowledge about the technology industry and hassles that come with managing a startup didn’t stop him from enjoying Life. Away from the business and technology world, Robert Deignan maintains an enjoyable life and even competes in the silver sailfish derby. And as his company was gaining recognition for its safety features, Robert was winning the 79th Silver Sailfish derby on the West Palm Beach. Robert Deignan’s life, therefore, goes a long way in proving that an entrepreneur can balance between success in innovativeness and business and success in personal life.


Stream Energy’s Long History of Philanthropy

Stream Energy has a corporate DNA. Every company does to one degree or another. Stream is a little different, however, because their corporate DNA seems to be fused tightly with charitable work. Now, lots of companies say that charity is ingrained in their DNA, but Stream Energy is using actions to prove that to everyone in the Dallas area. The energy company, that has a very peculiar business model, has been heavily active in pretty much all areas of charity in the Dallas area of years. It is impossible to pin down a specific issue that drives Stream because it seems like they are driven by every issue under the sun. They have been grabbing headlines for the work as well. In fact, they were recently featured on Patch.com for their charitable work as well.

Stream Energy’s charitable work branches far beyond donating some money to the Red Cross (although Stream does have a deep relationship with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity). Instead, we are going to look at some of the things that Stream does around the Dallas area that are more direct. Recently, Stream paid for the meals and supplies of homeless children during the Splash for Hope. Stream has directly stated that the homelessness increase worries them and that they would actively attempt to combat it via charity. Stream also paid for veterans meal at a famous Dallas steakhouse. The next day, they even took the daughters of the veterans to the American Girl doll company and paid for an American Girl doll and American Girl Cafe experience for each of them. Don’t worry, they got to take the dolls home.

Stream was also one of the first companies to hit the ground on the relief efforts after the devastating hurricane Harvey hit Dallas. This action is what earned them the Patch article. This shouldn’t have surprised Patch, Stream Energy also did the exact same thing after the tornadoes hit the Dallas area as well. Stream has always been active in charities around Dallas. A trend that I think all of us hope that they continue.


Founder Jordan Lindsey, Finding Ways with Bitcoin Growth Bot

By utilizing his Bitcoin Growth Bot, finance manager turned programmer, turned CEO Jordan Lindsey, uses some impressive talents to earn his investors and clients significant returns in the Forex markets.

Lindsey’s newest company, JCL Capital was hatched in 2005. The firm is currently focused on the helping to earn their investors significant returns. As an investor, money manager guru, and computer algorithm developer, Jordan Lindsey helps his clients make impressive financial returns on their investments.

Jordan is the inventor of the Bitcoin Growth Bot, a computer program that operates in conjunction with cryptocurrency and the Forex markets. He created the first trading bot used with a financial program, which deals with lending. Because of this bot, Jordan Lindsey’s firm, JCL Capital has made investors some impressive monthly as well as yearly returns on investment (ROI) by trading in Forex.

Mr. Lindsey recently developed a computer algorithm (bot) that works seamlessly with specific markets like Forex. The Bitcoin Growth Bot, a computer program that Lindsey envisioned was brought to life to help traders make more informed decisions and be wiser with how they invest in Forex. The Bitcoin Growth Bot that Jordan developed is the first of its kind to work as a third-party verified program used in markets that involve cryptocurrency. Lindsey’s impetus for developing the bot was to propel himself into an area in the financial sphere that could use technology and cryptocurrency to help people increase the value of their investments.

Besides developing his Bitcoin Growth Bot, Jordan Lindsey has created quite a few financial firms. He had been researching blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies for quite a while, before launching his bot.

Jordan has been the VP at Maximum Capital Management — a financial firm — and an advisor at Energia Global. He was also the chief executive officer of Prive Information Services.

Lindsey attended Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College but did not major in engineering or economics.

During those years, however, he was very interested in the financial markets. Lindsey did have a passion for finance, and later on, computer programming and entrepreneurship.


Bob Reina: He’s A Fixer

Bob Reina never met a situation he didn’t think he could fix or make better along the way. That is the type of individual he is and that is the type of leader he is as a human being. It takes a special kind of person to be a leader. Not everyone is built for it and not everyone can handle it and wants to deal with the pressure that comes with it. Bob Reina does not mind it, at all. He enjoys it because it means people think highly enough of him to put him in a position of power and keep him there.


When he worked in law enforcement, he knew he had a lot on his plate. Things move very quickly when it comes to being out there and trying to keep people safe. All it takes is one false move and something really bad could happen. If there is one thing that Bob Reina prides himself on, it is being prepared. He is prepared for anything and everything that could possibly happen in a scenario. You are not going to catch Bob Reina off guard or by surprise. He is ready for whatever is going to happen because he has thought of every possible outcome.


It is why he started up Talk Fusion back in 2007. Now, this is an award-winning video technology company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They are the best in video, and no one can compete with them. They won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It shows they know how to reach the right people and have a product that keeps people coming back for more and more. Bob Reina is always looking to keep people excited and interested in Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina loves this company and what it stands for as a whole. He loves the fact they won that award. It is what Talk Fusion really tries to provide for the people, which is a way for communication to lead to quick solutions. He knows that sometimes people can misunderstand each other or be confused by the tone of the text. The fact they have helped fix that issue and allowed people to communicate openly and honestly, that means the world to Bob Reina. He wants to keep on knocking down those walls and fixing things for everyone out there. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bobreinatalkfusion-704




Jeunesse takes on the big names of weight loss with Zen Bodi

Over the years, Jeunesse Global has gained a reputation for being a company that backs up its claims with some of the most transformative and effective products in the health and beauty industry. This honest, unwavering dedication to its stated vision is one of the main reasons that Jeunesse Global has won so much respect and has experienced such fantastic levels of growth.

The company is a reflection of the personalities of its founders. Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have been known in the health, beauty and direct-marketing industries for decades. They have built a reputation of selling great products and taking an honest approach to business. Having made thousands of distributors across the world tens of millions of dollars, both Ray and Lewis have enjoyed a loyal following.

All too often, the weight-loss industry has not reflected these values. It has nkbeen wracked with shaky claims and gimmicky sales methods, with companies often promising their customers things that are simply not possible to deliver.

It was, therefore, a major deal in the weight-loss industry when Jeunesse Global announced that it would soon begin selling its weight-loss system. Called the Zen 8 Project, the system comes with its own fat-burning supplement, which Jeunesse calls Zen Bodi. The supplement was scientifically engineered by Jeunesse scientists in order to maximize the burning of fat, curb the user’s appetite and build muscle.

Unlike many other weight-loss systems, the Zen 8 Project does not claim to be able to deliver easy results. Instead, it uses scientifically designed workout programs and the discipline of behavioral modification to help users slowly change their habits, creating a total-health lifestyle that allows people to naturally meet their fitness goals.

Designed with the help of one of the top personal fitness experts in the world, the Zen 8 Project is one of the most effective and realistic exercise programs on the face of the planet. It has been one of the better-selling products in the Jeunesse Global lineup, a reflection of the fact that many people are finding the Zen 8 Project and Zen Bodi to be a life-changing way to pursue their health and fitness goals.


O2pur is changing the way that people invest in electronic cigarettes

02pur is a company that would be a great company to invest in. They are a company that sells electronic cigarettes, accessories and e-liquid. The company is based in Utah and the COO is Scott Barth. Electronic cigarettes are alternative to traditional cigarettes. They have three main components, which are battery, a tank and liquid that you put in the tank. The battery interlocks with the tank. A user will press a button on the battery to send a signal to the tank, which has a coil in it. The coil has a piece of cotton in it that absorb the e-liquid in the tank.

The electrical signal is passed through the coil and heat it up, which turns the liquid into a vapor. The user will inhale the vapor. The vapor is smooth and flavorful. E-liquids are made up of different flavors, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. 02pur has knowledgeable staff that understand the needs of people are new to electronic cigarettes to people who have been using them for years. They offer many different kinds of batteries, e-liquids and accessories. They have a website, where electronic cigarettes can go to. The site is very easy to navigate and people can easily order what they need off the site. The website has their contact information and can be contacted through their email or phone number. What makes O2pur a great investment? They have knowledgeable staff, great price and great products. Also, they listen to their customer by using a social media presence. They are on Facebook and Twitter, where customer can send feedback and keep in contact with the latest O2Pur news.

O2PUR FREE KIT from O2PUR on Vimeo.

O2purs offers e-liquids that contain nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are used rather than traditional liquid nicotine, because they produce a smoother vaping experience. They offer many delicious flavors such as caramel apple and island breeze. Nicotine salt e liquids only come in one size, 60 mL. The prices is very reasonable at $14.95, which comes out to $0.25 per mL. This is a very good deal for high quality e-liquid. O2Pur is offering a special right now on nicotine salts e-liquids. For $29.90, a customer can get 3 premium bottles of nicotine salts e-liquids. The customer is buying two bottles and gets one for free. Customers can chose how much nicotine that they want in their e-liquid when they order it. Nicotine salt liquids is one of reasons that investor should think of investing in O2pur.