Vinod Gupta Record Collecting

Vinod Gupta is the owner of multiple companies that have been able to grow from out one company. He was born in India and moved to the United States. When he moved to the United States, he attended college at the University of Nebraska. Gupta got a job in Marketing Research Analyst. His first company was born out of the work he had to do at the company he was working on. He was told to put together an of mobile home dealers. He found out that the list did to exist. He decided to create the record himself and offer the file to other companies that were in need through his company the American Business Information. He was able to save companies time by putting the lost together for them.

Vinod Gupta company was able to grow because he started using the skills that he used over the years to help struggling companies. Once he acquires the companies, he can use the information he has gained to help the companies recover. Vinod Gupta was able to maintain his success by creating a team of people that would focus on their present while focused on the future. He found that he was able to protect his company by working ahead. Working ahead has helped to defend his company from any problems they wouldn’t have been able to see if they all had continued working on the same thing.

Vinod Gupta’s companies specialize in database technology. They offer digital printing. Background checks, operations platforms, and other services provided in the information technology field. By creating companies, Vinod Gupta has been able to donate to his home country and provide jobs to less fortunate people in places around the world.

Vinod Gupta

The Successful Career of Glen Wakeman on Business and Mentorship

Glen Wakeman is the serving chief executive officer of the renowned startup company, LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company aims at creating plans, building easier as well as intuitive startups ( All too often, with the leadership of Glen Wakeman, LaunchPad Holdings has worked with experts to reduce failure rates in startups. This has been achievable through the company’s ability to create viable structures on specific ideas. As if that is not all, the company also seeks to separate good ideas from harmful ideas that would otherwise, hurt the economic viability of a startup.


Education and Experience

Prior to landing a senior position at LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman held other senior positions in different companies. These companies include Nova Flour and GE Capital. Of course, just as life would require him to pursue education before delving into the job industry, Glen Wakeman was a studious student at two major universities including the Scranton University where he studied economics and the University of Chicago where he majored in masters in business administration. Having garnered sufficient skills from school, Glen Wakeman was now ready to combat the world of business with exemplary skills.


Over the past years, Glen Wakeman has garnered additional experiences in different departments of work. The skills include:

Business development

Emerging markets


Business analysis

Angel investment and financing

Business administration


Working as a Mentor

Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur as he works with other emerging business professionals to stabilize their businesses. Therefore, he is a mentor who uses his skills to disseminate critical information on how to grow businesses.



Mr. Wakeman spent about 20 years at GE Capital. In his capacity as an executive leader, he progressively handled general management, operations management, and international markets (. That is how he managed to delve into an independent business later in the years. As a successful business professional, he emphasizes on the key benefits of investing in discipline, teamwork and early preparation as the important strategies for success. Moreover, he recommends startup proprietors to pursue tutorials based on their type of businesses.