How Michel Terpins is Building his Hobby

Michel Terpins is a talented and passionate rally driver and a bike motorist. The 40-year-old speed-lover is from the Terpins family. Jack Terpins, his father, is a renowned basketball player and couch. Rodrigo Terpins, Michel brother, is a rally driver and the two collaborated to participate in T1 prototype.

Michel and Maykel Justo, a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, took part in the 25th Sertões Rally edition that began in Goiânia (GO). They boarded the T-Rex # 322 and won two stages out of the four editions to date. The pair leads comfortably in the Prototype T1.

During the rally from Aruanã (GO) to Barra do Garças in the fourth edition, the two finished in position six in the Prototypes. It took them around two hours to complete the race. They talked about improving their speed and position.

Michel Terpins is the head of the Brazilian Cross Country RallyChampionship. He started as a motorcycle rider in 2002 before sailing in the cars with Rodrigo Terpins. MEM teams customized T-Rex for the talented drivers. Justo from Taubaté is participating in the rally for the 11th time. He has sailed in seven championships in the truck type. He moved to the fifth position with four awards in both groups. Justo and Terpins have been working together for two years.

Michel and Rodrigo are from São Paulo Rodrigo and they love speed. The pilots formed Bull Sertões Rally Team and have been on the road together for four seasons. They boarded the T-Rex and raced for the Sertões Rally and Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. The motor used is customized to withstand the rough roads used for the race.

Working as a team with Maykel Justo and Rodrigo Terpins is a great way of growing Michel talent. He draws attention from his father and brother. Michel Terpins determination and focus are the key traits that keep him going on in the harsh sporting activity.