Robert Ivy Deserves A Lifetime Achievement Award

There are a lot of colleagues from Mississippi and Washington, DC that are congratulating Robert Ivy. Recently, the architect received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The reward was given to Ivy because of his contribution to his community, the United States, and the world. He has thought of ways to communicate with other architects that have a passion like he does for construction and design. As a former Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, Ivy communicated with thousands of architects through writing journals. As it turns out, Robert Ivy has pursued an avenue that was successful. Robert seems to rack up when it comes to receiving awards for his work. In 2009, Ivy was the recipient of Crain Award. He started off working alongside of other architects that showed him some basic fundamentals. Robert Ivy took what he learned and utilized it the way he saw that it should be used within his career.

It was a honor to Robert Ivy when he received his award for his charity-giving and work principles. He knew that his dedication would somehow be noticed as he continued to work, but Ivy didn’t know when it would happen for him. Ivy wasn’t expecting global attention, but he continued to strive to make communities better. Robert Ivy is thankful that he has experience from McGraw-Hill. The platform he was able to create was due to his loyalty to the companies that he work for and his clients. Ivy credits a lot of his foundation to the education that he was able to attain which was his Masters in Architecture from Tulane University. Ivy admits that he had to learn lessons along his journey, but the lessons learned made him a stronger businessman person. Being that he served as an officer in US Navy, Ivy learned discipline early in life that has stayed with him throughout his better business career. Robert hopes to clear his schedule to reach back and help an architect student find their niche. Including showing that student the latest techniques, Ivy hopes to continue to do that until his retirement.

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