The Ideal Classroom Experience Proffered by ClassDojo

In order for students to acquire the most remarkable education, it does not only take the concerted efforts of the students and teachers but also those of parents. ClassDojo is one of the most exhilarating technological advancements that have envisaged manifesting the fruits of such efforts. ClassDojo is a communication app that is specifically designed to connect students, teachers, and parents in order to remarkably transform education.

ClassDojo envisages providing an ideal classroom experience as it enables the tripartite connection of teachers, students, and parents, allowing them to share educational materials such as messages, photos and videos. This facilitates an enhanced teamwork among them. Accordingly, it enables parents and teachers to see the achievements attained by their children in the course of their education.

Using ClassDojo is significantly simple and convenient for users from diverse nationalities. This is facilitated by the fact that the application is designed in such a way as to be translatable and usable in more than 35 different languages. ClassDojo has grown tremendously popular in the United States and several other countries. The communication app has been actively used in approximately 90% of the American K-8 schools.

Its outstanding stature in the educational realm has given it such an impeccable reputation. As a matter of fact, ClassDojo has garnered myriad awards such as the 2011 Education Innovation Award, the 2016 Most Innovative Apps of the Year Awards, and the 2017 Most Disruptive Companies.

Put simply, ClassDojo is an exceptional technological advancement as it has virtually redefined the learning process for most children across America. It has made education an entirely interesting process with its particularly cool features that creates the most felicitous classroom environment for the student. Certainly, every student needs to be exposed to ClassDojo in order to refurbish the educational experience.