Cassio Audi Is Multitalented

Cassio Audi has over 23 years of experience of doing Investment Management in Brazil. He has the expertise as he has worked in national as well as multinational firms. He has displayed exemplary management skills. These are in the fields of financial planning, and project management, besides the managing of equities, and team leadership, besides strategic forecasting, as well as investor relations. He has always held senior positions including that of a managing director.

Cassio Audi has a B.A. degree in Business Administration. This is from the Pontifical Catholic University. He has done his MBA from the Sao Paulo University. Cassio Audi has worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc. In addition, he has worked for multinationals such as JP Morgan Chase, besides Rossi Residencial, as well as Dow Chemical along with GVMI.

As an investment manager, Cassio Audi knew that his job was to teach those who have money, about how to invest. In case this is not done, they can become the victims of all kinds of fraudulent schemes that can make them lose their capital too. These investors can either be corporations, or institutions like pension funds. This can include insurance companies, besides charities, and all kinds of educational establishments along with private investors.

The economic slowdown in the world due to the financial crisis led to an economic downturn in Brazil too. This was when Cassio Audi decided to provide professional advice as an investment manager, on the steps to grow the economy.

Any investment manager would be funding in portfolios of various securities for their clients. The objective of all these investments will be defined by the clients. This was where Cassio Audi creates different securities for his clients. These are in the form of bonds, shares, as well as real estate. Cassio Audi has experience of working with public and private companies.

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