Capital Anesthesiology Association: 21st Century Medical Care

Anesthesiology play a critical role in medical care. Without this valuable service, patients as well as physicians would find it extremely difficult to proceed with medical treatments. Anesthesia is “heaven sent” in a sense as it calms and sedates the human body, which creates a more relaxed atmosphere. One of the very best places in the country that specialize in this line of work is Capital Anesthesiology Association.


Capital Anesthesiology Association is the premier when it comes to providing these exclusive services. The organization of one of the largest independent practices in the nation with up to 130 certified registered nurses and at least 80 physicians. There are many medical facilities that benefit from CAA throughout the Austin, Texas Region. Seton Hayes, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Inspire Medical Centre, CAREOS, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Texas Orthopedics, Central park Surgery Center, and many more make up this extraordinary list. Whether it’s for ambulatory surgical centers, level 1 trauma centers, or high acuity hospitals, Capital Anesthesiology Association has them all covered.

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Besides the great clinical staff, CAA has some of the finest administrative staff under it’s umbrella. The billing process and having to deal with insurance carriers can be frustrating, but CAA takes the stress away by supporting any and all clients/patients. No other medical organization can match these high quality services and Capital Anesthesiology Association has created a very fine blueprint of success to follow.