Cameron Clokie: An Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in Toronto

Dr. Cameron graduated from the McGill University with a doctor in dental surgery. He is a respected surgeon in Toronto where he has set up his own practice. He has led to great innovation in dental surgery and helped find solutions to issues related to bone regeneration. He is a successful entrepreneur who has acquired many clients in his work for his expertise and skills.

Dr. Cameron also holds a PhD from McGill University in bone regeneration. He is passionate about technology and incorporating it in medicine to make processes more efficient. He has provided innovative solutions to issues related to reconstruction surgery and impressed his large number of clients who continue to visit his Toronto clinic. He has acquired a reputation for being an expert, which has enabled his business succeed.

Dr. Cameron has worked in oral and maxillofacial surgery as the head of the department in Toronto University. He worked as professor at the institution before retiring in 2017. Dr. Cameron has taught in many institutions across the world; he has been invited to give lecturers on his area of specialization. He has influenced the lives and career paths of many students who admire his work.

Dr. Cameron Chokie is a known writer who has published many papers related to medicine. He has conducted studies in medicine and bone regeneration, which he shares with his readers and scholars across the globe. His works have helped him acquire about 25 patents for his findings and projects. He works in partnership with businesses and individuals in the field to gather information and incorporate technology in surgery.

Dr. Cameron’s clinic in Toronto has received much publicity for being busy and attending to the clients in a professional manner. His clients are happy to visit and believe in his capabilities to provide them with the most effective and efficient treatments. He has concentrated on facial reconstruction and bone regeneration. He has extensive knowledge of bone structure hence started works on bio implants in bone regeneration. Dr. Cameron is the CEO of Induce Biologics, which deals with finding innovative ways to offer treatments.