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About Brian Bonar

Have you ever heard of Trucept Incorporated? If you have then I bet, you know who Brian Bonar is. If you haven’t then worry not as in this article, we are going to review who Brian Bonar is. He is quite famous in the financial sector due to his success as a finance executive.

Currently, he is the leader of Trucept Incorporated; he has also been a leader in Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has managed to be a leader in these companies because of his excellent and astute business leadership background.

Early Life

It is often said the leadership is not an inborn ability but an ability that someone acquires as he grows up. Brian Bonar is such a person; his upbringing was superb as he had a technical education. This has helped him to know what is needed for a business structure to work.

Brian Bonar got his technical knowledge at James Watt Technical College where he undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. At the renowned Stanford University is where he went to pursue further studies in Mechanical Engineering as his Master’s Degree.

Business History and Accomplishments

After finishing his studies is when he decided to enter the corporate world and his first landing was at IBM as a procurement manager. Due to his engineering education, he decided to look for an engineering job which he got at QMS. With time, he outgrew his initial position and eventually he became the Director of Engineering for QMS.

This new position enabled him to hone his already brilliant leadership skills; he was put in charge of over a hundred people. Not only was he a director at QMS but he also the Sales Manager for Adaptec. With enough experience and expertise, he felt he could start his company, and it was Bezier Sytems.

Specialties and Approach

Due to his precise knowledge in architecture and engineering, he has managed to be a guru in acquisitions and mergers as he uses his architectural creative mind and his technical expertise as an engineer.

More about Brian Bonar

Brian loves boating trips, golf and spending time with his family.

What Does Trucept Do?

You might be wondering what does do, it is brilliant in managing the payroll of small and medium companies. Not only does it manage the payroll but also it helps in the management of employee benefits and administration of employees. The main objective behind Trucept doing all this is to enable the business to concentrate on other aspects of the company.

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