Avaaz: Giving The People A Voice To Fight For Their Rights

Avaaz is an organization that is working to bring about change in the world. The word Avaaz means voice in the ancient Sanskrit script and aims to give people all over the world exactly that – voice, so they have had their needs and demands heard. The organization mainly focuses on social activism and is trying to bring an end to all the injustices that take place in the society. The organization believes that everyone in the world has the right to basic human rights, which is why they are working to help enforce this, so no one has to suffer because of their fundamental rights being taken away from them. The organization has gained a wide popularity all over the world and is now being considered as one of the top social activist organizations in the entire world.

The organization was founded by a group of individuals coming from different backgrounds who shared a common interest for wanting to bring about change to society. The founders of the organization believe that through a united front, they may have the power to put about a difference on a large scale, to impact the society largely. The founder of the organization come from different parts of the world, which is why it has such a globalized view on every scenario that they have to face. Currently, the person leading the charge at the company is Ricken Patel, a resident of Canada. Having a good background in political science and economics as well, he understands the different intricacies of the systems that we currently have in, and can come up with ideal plans of action for the benefit of the organization and the people they wish to help. The organization has undertaken projects in numerous parts of the world, and in several war torn zones.