Irish Firebrand Jim Larkin Raised His Fellow Workers From Poverty and oppression

In the center of Dublin’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street, stands a large statue of a man lifting up his arms, urging all onlookers to rise up. The man is James “Big Jim” Larkin. He enjoys the status of Irish folk here today based on his lifetime of fighting for the poor working class of Irish society.

An inscription on the pedestal below the statue reads: “The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise.”

Jim Larkin was not born among the great – just the opposite. He was came into the world in 1876 in the brutal slums of Liverpool, England, where his Irish parents had immigrated to find work. What little work they found paid wages so small it would shock an Irish citizen of today. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Jim Larkin’s father died when he was 14, leaving the family in desperate straits. Young Jim had already been working as a child laborer while attending some part-time grammar school. But education had to come second to eking out a living.

It’s small wonder that when Jim Larkin reached adulthood – laboring hard on the docks of Liverpool – that he would become an avid union activist and be attracted to the rising tide of Socialist thought of the early 20th Century.

Despite being minimally educated, Jim Larkin had a natural gift for powerful public speaking and for inspiring men to stand up against wealthy elites that had oppressed them for centuries.

Scholars today rate Jim Larkin among the three most important men who shaped the Irish labor movement and for creating the relationship that exists to this day between business and labor.

Without the tumultuous, controversial and fiery lifetime of Jim Larkin, millions of people may have never risen from lowly positions of poverty to obtain better economic lives in a more just society.


Susan McGalla Role in Promoting Gender Diversity in an Organization Setup

Gender diversity in an organization is crucial for its growth. Companies with a high percentage of gender diversity have been found to achieve more productivity than those with a low percentage. Such enterprises can function exceptionally because of the openness in the ideas flowing within the group. In the modern management set up, women find it very hard to climb up the executive ladder. Susan McGalla has supposed the boundaries and has been grooming women for leadership roles.

Susan McGalla has been lucky to be involved in the leadership roles. However, not many women can reach such heights due to the lack of essential networks. Susan has actively engaged in the development of women group that bridge the gap of connectivity. The teams are designed to bring women together, share ideas, strategize and make more connections with other women. The networks created by women have been useful, and they establish that, given a plaque, women can handle management roles. They give women the confidence to stand tall while supporting each other. Although the groups are providing the necessary change, there is still a long way to go because, in most organization, men hold the majority of the senior roles. Seeing that women only occupy a quarter of a company senior role indicates that there is still a barrier that needs to be broken to find a suitable solution.

The women groups have identified that coming up with sponsorship groups could be a useful solution. Sponsorship eliminates the cycle in organization structures. A sponsor works to create an opportunity for the fellow women by recommending them lead roles in projects and assignments. Through sponsorship, women will be able to find their footing in the lead roles with a good example in Susan McGalla. Sponsors also have the part of motivating those rising while mentoring them. With the attempts of the women group, it’s clear that organizations should improve the percentage of diversity as it’s proven to increase a company’s productivity.

Susan McGalla grew up in a household where she was the only girl. Susan’s father, who is also a coach, treated all of them equally and it’s where she developed the attitude of working towards the set objectives regardless of the gender. She has worked as the president of American Eagle Outfitters which is male-dominated. When she left the organization, Susan founded a consulting firm, Pittsburg Steelers.

A Deeper Look at the Career of David McDonald

David McDonald is a popular leader who sits in the position of Chief Operating Officer and also President of the OSI Group. An international food processing firm, OSI group has its main offices situated in Aurora Illinois. Currently, the company has approximately 80 branches which spread across 17 nations. OSI Group is the suppliers of the top food companies in the world which include Papa John’s, Subway, Yum, Burger King, Starbucks and McDonalds. Throughout the years that he has served as the president of the food processing company, David McDonald has managed to attain a lot and has secured the company’s sustainable growth.

The visionary and exemplary leadership of David has at the OSI Group has steered the company to expand to both Hungary and Geneva. The company also recently launched two poultry processing facilities located in China under the leadership of David McDonald. In China, OSI Group is expected to become the largest producer of poultry products in the country. Some of the other achievements that the company has achieved under David McDonald is the building of a new beef processing facility based in Poland as well as a frozen foods processing plant located in India. OSI Group has also broadened its capabilities and market via acquisitions, all thanks to the outstanding leadership of McDonald.

Recently, OSI Group made headlines when it acquired Baho Foods which is a Dutch food processing firm based in the Netherlands. According to David McDonald, the acquisition of Baho Foods will broaden the presence of the company in the European Market. David is committed to ensuring that service delivery of OSI Group is improved as well as broadening of its product portfolio. David McDonald has over the years been fostering the collaboration between the in-house team of the company and the regional managers. The responsibility of the regional managers is to study the tastes and culture of the local clients and then pass the information to the experienced in-house team. As a result, the in-house team comes up with products that are designed to suit the preferences and tastes of the clients.

Part of the success that David McDonald currently enjoys is due to his extensive educational background. He attended the prestigious Iowa State University where he was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. In the past, David has served as the Project Manager at the OSI Group and also as part of the board of the directors of the company.

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How Hussain Sajwani Found Success With DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirate businessman who has been very successful in a couple of different industries. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and soon after accomplishing this goal he returned to the UAE. He briefly worked for GASCO as a contract manager before deciding to start his own business.

The first business that Hussain Sajwani launched, in 1982, was a catering venture. He was very successful running this company and soon it was serving food in a number of countries. It was in the middle of the 1990’s that he entered the hospitality industry, opening several hotels in Dubai. Learn more:

It was in 2002 that Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties when he became a real estate developer. The reason he entered this market was that the government of the UAE had opened up owning property to foreigners. Identifying this opportunity, through DAMAC Properties he became a luxury property developer. In his role as chairman of his company, Hussain Sajwani has grown his company into one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

Today, DAMAC Properties employs about 2000 people. DAMAC Properties has built almost 20,000 homes in and around Dubai and are currently working on constructing another 44,000 homes. Hussain Sajwani has developed deep knowledge about sales, finance, administration, and other key areas of operating a giant company. Due to this work, he is now worth about $4.3 billion.

Beyond his work at DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist. One of the ways that he has helped others is by donating money to clothe children all over the world. It was in September 2013 that he donated AED two million for a donation campaign that had been launched the ruler of the UAE. This was called the Ramadan Initiative and was one of that government’s efforts to improve worldwide living standards. The money that Hussain Sajwani donated was enough to provide new clothing to about one million impoverished children.


Beneful Dog Food From The Dogs Perspective

Beneful dog food company has a long history of cute commercials that bring a smile to everyone’s face. In their latest ads they approach the subject of dog food through the dogs eyes. In the Beneful Grain Free commercial, the dog is eating and describing the flavors of chicken, pumpkin, and blueberry while saying how much he enjoys it and how he enjoys his human’s smile while eating.

This theme continues into a commercial for Beneful’s “Bite and Breaks” beef dog treats in which the dog is sitting next to his owner and he explains that the cuter you act, the more treats the human will break off and give you. Marketing the products from dog’s perspective is an ingenious way of keeping the product sharp in the consumers mind. Stay tuned for Beneful’s next commercials, which will be dog pleasers for sure and more

Find the Best Market Trends with Agora Financial

In an introduction for Agora Financial, a publication company, they provided what they offer in a concise and prompt way with the help of a fictional character. The character was a dentist that was set to retire after years of practice. He didn’t know if he had enough money to build a nest egg and would often worry that he wouldn’t make it past his golden years living comfortably. As the story continues, he is shown to have some residual income to invest but hasn’t the slightest idea on how to predict financial bubbles or how the market runs. Agora Financial are there to educate their clients to help them find the most profitable investment trends on the market. The best trends that Agora Financial want you to invest in aren’t the popular top brands, instead they are trends that haven’t hit the mainstream market yet. This is because investing in big name brands are far too risky, they have already been used for what they were worth by early investors. At Agora Financial, they have professional field agents that actually investigate up-and-coming trends and additional opportunities for their clients to take note of. Agora Financial’s research is unbiased and they state that they will never accept money from investors for their coverage or services.

Agora Financial is a publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The private company was founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner. Agora Financial produce books, email publications and upcoming market trends. They hold seminars annually that educate and provide their clients with top financial advice. To know more about Agora Financial click here.

The company has served well over a million clients, often helping them to protect and build their residual income. Agora Financial have been nationally recognized by major media sources for their expert financial forecasts. For over 25 years, Agora continues to lead in the financial advice industry.

OSI Group: Excellence in Action!


OSI industries is one of today’s leading providers of customized food solutions. They incorporate several critical elements such as research facilities designed on the principles of innovation to further enhance their services to its customers, including providing reliable networks in their food production. OSI is also one of the largest privately owned food providers and suppliers, they are able to offer their customers innovative solutions for their food production needs.

Globe of Honor

Further evidence of the quality of work being performed by the OSI group can be found in the fact that the group received the coveted Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. The OSI group earned this recognition because of their distinguishable excellence in terms of “exemplary management of environmental risks”. The success of the group speaks for itself given that British Safety Council is tasked with monitoring the United Kingdom’s supply of food, and the environmental factors associated with its production. The OSI group demonstrates it commitment to maintaining sustainability in food production and protection for the environment, through the merits of this award.

Growth and Networks

OSI group has also been growing, as seen in its acquisition of a former Tyson food plant in Chicago for 7.4 Million dollars. The facility is designed to help provide a robust support function in the ever fluctuating needs of the OSI Group customers. OSI group has also been focusing constantly on expanding its global networks. This is further evidenced by the purchase of BAHO Foods, a dutch based manufacturer of convenience foods and deli meats. This merger will help OSI group maintain commitment to fulfilling the necessities of their customers. The purchase of BAHO Foods allows OSI to further cement its place in the European marketplace and increase its international brand recognition. This allows OSI to constantly focus on the development and research methods of sustainable food production and supply.


OSI group has the potential to continue expanding in its capabilities for the purposes of providing quality service to the various requirements of its evolving base of customers. OSI group strives to maintain its position as a leader in the supply and production of food. The recognition of OSI group through prestigious awards such as the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council, help to shine a positive outlook on the growth and influefence of the group overall. Growth which is evidenced through international business mergers, including BAHO Foods, and other acquisitions, such as the purchase of a former Tyson food manufacturing facility. The future continues to look promising for OSI Group and its interests.

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The Momentum Of An $18 Billion Donation

The Rush Of Adrenaline On Wall Street

We love to make money. The science behind this passion goes as far as money’s ability to change your biology. This happens on a physical psychological level for the human being. Both processes are also the source of this rush experienced when dreaming of, making or losing money. This is a rush we all have.

The humanitarian world is just received “a huge rush of it” as Goerge Soros donates $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation.

He likely earned it on Wall Street. The emotional ups and downs when trading makes the rush from money hard to cope with for many. We take a look at the professionals on Wall Street and as our greatest examples. The first step of success is how professionals manage the way they feel when buying and selling investment options.

This “rush of adrenaline” can lead an investor to sell when they should buy or to buy when they should sell. We ask George Soros about it, and his track record answers most of the questions. There’s a secret art to managing the emotional fluctuations we find during financial decision making.

Mastering The Emotional Sways

Mastering the emotional sways is what the best in finance do to achieve success. The process consists of keeping your emotional perceptions at bay. The reason that staying calm is important for George Soros is because of opportunity. The windows of success on Wall Street come and go.

It’s therefore your mastery of opportunity that will keep you balanced while making trades. George Soros’ biggest trades came when others felt there was no opportunity. The emotional direction of the markets can often lead us to believe that nothing is before us to make a change with.

Professionals like George Soros understands things differently. What he sees are time sensitive opportunity that come and go with your emotional outlook. The more calm and in control Mr. Soros is, the more he makes in the end. This is the model of George’s success and the legacy we all know.

Creating A Plan And A System

To be realistic about the opportunity on Wall Street, it’s best to understand what men like George Soros can do. It all starts with a secure plan and system. Even George Soros had to first develop his understanding before he could leverage real opportunities. and more information click here

Preparing for “what could happen” led George to uncover a plan and system that worked. This plan and system also became the protection he would have against the unexpected. The final outcome is an investment system that takes into account time sensitivity and the emotional responsibilities for trading success.

Twenty Three Layers’ Guidelines for Successful Event Planning

Twenty Three Layers is one of the renowned event planning companies in NYC. The company operates fully as incredible and stylish planners and designers of various events within New York City and beyond. Their services vary greatly depending on the type of the event and the themes of the occasions. Basically what Twenty Three Layers organize are birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, weddings, charitable events for companies and organizations and even galas just to mention a few.


The company has a well-experienced team of event planners and designers who love what they do hence deliver their services to the best of their ability. Event planning has become something they consider fun while at it. The staffs have merged their wealth of experiences with unmatched creativity and this has reflected positively in the services that they provide. In the events, they deliver different delicacies prepared with a variety of ingredients depending on the preferences of their clients, decors with rich and incredible designs and even entertainment. What more could anyone ask for yet they already have corporate event planners in NYC.


In one of their recent blog posts, Twenty Three Layers provided the public with some of the guidelines to consider during event planning for the smooth running of their parties and celebrations. They stress that successful events are those that are planned for early enough without any last minute rushes. For them, this makes celebrations and get-togethers more fun and memorable when everything is set and no one has to be up and running to fix the technicalities that may arise.


Additionally, having sent the invitations early makes it easier for one to budget for the number of guests who confirm their attendance. However, invitations shouldn’t be much of a worry because there are cheaper DIY strategies to follow without having to spend much on invitation cards.


Technology seems to have overshadowed and simplifies human efforts in every field because apparently, Twenty Three Layers have come up with event planning ups. This has been possible through the invention of PitchIn where whoever is planning for an event posts their ideas. After this, various people respond by taking up different roles. Truly, Twenty Three Layer is the bomb in the whole of New York City when it comes to event planning.



4 Meal Delivery Services For Athletes On The Go


As an athlete eating a healthy, well balanced diet is vital to your overall performance. The problem is most athletes are simply too busy to set aside a few hours to prepare meals.


If this sounds like you then you are in luck. Here are 4 meal delivery services that are perfect for athletes on the go.




These days you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a Nutrisystem for men commercial and for good reason…It works!


Nutrisystem is centered around portion control, balanced nutrition and frequent meals.There is no guess work and all of your meals will include the right mix of nutrients for your body.

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Each meal with have a healthy, lean protein, fiber, and the right amount of carbs to ensure your blood sugar remains stabilized.


Ice Age Meals


Ice Age Meals is for busy athletes who prefer the Paleo or Zone diet. The ingredient list is very minimal so you won’t have many options when it comes to what you eat.


And just like the name suggests, these meals come frozen solid. This helps extend the shelf life and gives you a great alternative when you don’t have something already prepared.


Please note you must buy Ice Age Meals in bulk. If you don’t have a lot of room in your freezer this option might not work for you.


Pete’s Paleo


If you love paleo and adventure you will love Pete’s Paleo. With an ever-rotating menu you are sure to never get bored with the food you eat.


Each meal is prepared using fresh ingredients that have been harvested from properly vetted farmers. All produce is harvested and delivered on the same day.


All orders must be received by Monday night. The chef will then prepare the meals and have them delivered to your doorstep by Friday.


Green Chef


Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that is perfect for the athlete who loves to cook but doesn’t love going grocery shopping.


With Green Chef you will be able to make restaurant style meals regardless of your cooking skills. All you have to do is select the subscription that works best for you and your meals will be delivered to you on a weekly basis.


Once your box arrives simply follow the step by step instructions and you will have a meal that will impress even yourself.


The great thing about Green Chef is their plans are very flexible. If you will be out of town for a week you can skip orders without being charged. You can also change or cancel your subscription at anytime.