The Exceptional Career of Omar Yunes at the Japanese Food Franchise

Omar Yunes became a franchisee of Japanese Food at an early age of 21 and owns up to 12 and more franchised units spread in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. The units represent more than 10% of the brands sold by the company. Omar Yunes won the Best Franchisee of the World in December 2015 in Italy, for his awesome contributions to the brand.

What the BFW Meant for Omar Yunes

Yunes credits the prize to his dedicated staff of 400 employees across the 13 units. The contest was represented by participants from Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and even Argentina. The evaluations were made based on the influence it had on the network, knowledge contribution, employee motivation and even savings made.

Other National Awards

Omar was also feted with the National Chapter Prize for acting as the major player for the change in the Franchisee. He is also credited for helping achieve good management and implementing clearer control and measurements units in all the 13 branches.

The awards, according to Benjamin Cancelmo who heads the Sushi Itto as the CEO, said it goes to crown their unique hospitality, great flavor and excellent service delivery for their people. The franchisee has placed Mexican franchises in the international arena, a distant from being a regional issue.

Recognition of Other Players

Ivan Tamer of the Prendamex franchisee came second in the regional chapter affecting Mexico. He took the position for his lead role in providing implementation tools and great marketing strategies. Patricia Campos recognized that Ivan established the parameters that stood out in the entire network of the franchises and their units.

Omar Yunes

Yunes is the Franchisee of Sushi Itto. He has been more successful in running his network than any other entrepreneur in his lifetime. At age 21, he had over 10 units in his pocket, which he expanded to 13, with over 400 employees working in the 13 units. In 2015, he was crowned with the first place award due to his exceptional and unique management of the franchise and the franchise networks. He has altogether maintained a professional attitude and remained cordial to the residents of Sushi Itto.

Modular Greenhouses CEO Josh Smith Is On A Mission

Can Pink Solar Panels Slash Electricity Use In Greenhouses?

It turns out that pink solar panels can be a solution to helping cut down on electricity usage in greenhouse. A team of scientists discovered that pink solar panels in greenhouses can actually create enough electricity to cover the cost of heating the greenhouse up and maintaining its temperature. This was a big surprise to the scientists who conducted the study on greenhouses and solar panels. The scientists believe that these pink panels can help greenhouse gases became energy neutral or operate without additional electricity.

This news should be met with great fanfare from both environmentalists and greenhouse growers. Cutting down on electricity usage can dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions which is a win for environmentalists. Growers can save a significant sum of money by installing the photovoltaic panels that serve as both a roof in the greenhouse and a source of energy.

It just happens to be that one of the biggest costs in the greenhouse industry is keeping the greenhouse warm enough. That requires plenty of energy. If the pink panels can keep the greenhouse going without additional electricity, then it isn’t a far off bet to say that we may see more greenhouses adopt these solar panels. It makes economic sense and is also good for the environment as well.

What is even better news, is that the pink colored panels have no negative impact on plant growth. In fact, the study found that some plants actually grew better under pink solar greenhouse panels. More studies need to be done however to further validate the claims that pink panels can generate electricity while keeping productivity up in greenhouses.

Josh Smith And Modular Greenhouses 

A pioneer in the greenhouse industry is Josh Smith in Reno, Nevada. He is the founder of and chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses.

Josh Smith created Modular Greenhouse in Reno, Nevada to fulfill a niche in the greenhouse market that he realized existed as he was experimenting with building his own greenhouse. He realized that there was no readily available and easily constructed greenhouse model that you can purchase for personal use. Most greenhouses were expensive and builders were focused on commericial use. This was the idea behind Modular Greenhouses in Reno, Nevada.

What Adam Goldenberg Does to Make Money

Fabletics is not only a style company but it is also a technology company. For that reason, their headquarters are among tech giants like Google that are in the same area in the Silicon Valley. It is what has made a difference for the company. Because they have access to places that are coming up with the most advanced technology, Adam Goldenberg has been able to make the companies as technologically advanced as possible. He does this so he can be different from many of the other fashion companies that are also available on the same type of market.

Perhaps one of the most important things that Fabletics and JustFab have is the ability to make things better for their customers. They have intuitive technology that helps choose all the right things for their customers. They use the personalized stylist software to come up with new outfits and ideas for the customers. It helps them feel like they are getting the best clothing possible. The personalized experience is what has given Adam Goldenberg the ability to continue making clothes that are among the best for all the customers he has. He wants the people who wear them to know they are getting something that was put together just for them.

Even though Fabletics and JustFab have been around for many years, they are always continuing to make things better for the people who use the services. It helps the people have an opportunity for success in every way. All of the things Adam Goldenberg has done for the company has made it easier on people who want to shop with the company. They know they are able to use the best opportunities possible to choose the clothing that will make them more comfortable in every way possible. It will also give them the help they need at feeling good about themselves.

Even when Adam Goldenberg first started, he knew he was going to make things better for people. He chose to design his company so people would have a chance to feel like the experience was made just for them. With customized showrooms, outfits that were picked by personal stylists and customer service that was nearly flawless, Adam Goldenberg was able to bring his company to the top of the charts. Now, it is one of the most popular retailers in the entire country and possibly even in the world.

Disrupting An Industry The Don Ressler And Fabletics Style

Recently, Adam Goldenberg got invited to CNBC where he broke the news that JustFab was newly rebranded into TechStyle Fashion Group. It is the constant change that is today’s fashion industry that inspired this move. In an ever-changing industry such as that of fashion, it is crucial that a company is at per with the new demands of the customer so that it doesn’t suffer obscurity. The TechStyle Fashion Group has put a lot of effort in merging the convenience of online shopping and the power of brick and mortar stores. In a bid to satisfy the increasing number of subscribers to their different brands, Fabletics has a plan in place that will see an increase in the number of physical stores.

In the digital space, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler aspire to boost their influence on big data and subscription models to continue the growth of Fabletics Technology has enabled the company to cross various hurdles that arise when managing an inventory that is as broad as that of the company.

“Silicon Valley meets Fashion Arena.” This is how most people in Wall Street describe Adam and Don’s fashion brands. Their history in marketing has enabled them to create new marketing strategies that have aided the company in attracting more customers and also in achieving high retention rates affordable,

These two entrepreneurs understood the importance of e-commerce when they were heads of a department at Intermix Media called Alena Media. Alena Media used e-commerce to relay its marketing campaigns. Adam and Don used smart management and marketing methods which enabled the immense growth of Alena Media. For their first joint business, the two used the fortune they accrued from the successes of Alena Media. This new venture is what came to be known as JustFab

When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler first ventured into the fashion world, they knew that good marketing and management strategies are what would enable the company to scale greater heights. They were having a conversation with their friends when the idea of personalized clothing came to mind. However, before creating their first online fashion brand, they needed to ensure that theirs would be unique. Therefore they looked for something that would make it so. This is where the idea of coming up with quality clothes at affordable prices emerged from. It’s through teaming up with renown personalities such as model Kimora Lee Simmons that JustFab grew.

Vincent Parascandola acheivements in AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola is known to be a financial expert working with AXA consultants. He is the senior vice president of the AXA Group which operates on the global scale. Vincent holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from pace university, New York.

In AXA Advisors Vincent Parascandola plays a significant role in recruiting as well as training new advisors to increase the level of workforce and growth of the firm. Parascandola also ensures the level of production has improved compared to the existing producers through accountability for the increase in the profit margin.

He started his outstanding career in a financial field back in 1987 at Prudential Insurance where he worked as a sales agent. Vincent Parascandola has exceptional skills concerning economic and investment advisory affairs. He held the managerial position in MONY Life Insurance Company before he started working with AXA Group. Parascandola later moved to AXA Advisors where he began working at AXA Group unit as the president of the Advantage Group.

His leadership qualities are very exceptional. Vincent worked three times as a co-manager at AXA Company which required him to deal with many official advisors across the globe. He is an eloquent speaker and delivers speeches during various conferences held by industries and companies. You can visit Alumnius for more.

During his duty as the vice president of AXA Group, he has consummated a lot in his line of duty with the company extending its growth boundaries to a higher level. Vincent Parascandola has been acknowledged severally with GAMA’S career development and master agency award. AXA Advisors is ranked as the global leaders in financial protection and wealth management. For more details visit Crunchbase.

AXA Advisors involves a group of professional financial agents who deal with protections of clients’ families, property against risks. It also aids the clients on how to plan on their assets and pension for a better lifestyle. The team is said to have numerous professionals who provide strategic plans for matter’s pertaining company growth and clients investment needs. Vincent Parascandola is the cheerleader of the company who has transformed it to be the leading financial protection company in New York. The vast experience of twenty years has made him overcome challenges and improve the performance of the AXA Advisor. Check out Vimeo to see more.

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The Importance of Speed and Innovation According to Fabletics

Some of the more important aspects in business according to Fabletics parent company TechStyle are that of speed and innovation. This is especially important when it comes to marketing. One of the common traits of digital companies is that they have more of a desire to do their own marketing. This is a lot different than the older companies that have started offline such as Procter and Gamble. The ad agency deal is one of the old ways of doing business. Many of the newer online businesses are actually not all that eager to bring their business to an ad agency for many reasons.


This type of development is bring a lot of concern to the advertisers because they are used to getting all of the business. Fabletics has named some of the areas where advertising agencies have fallen short. One of the shortcomings of ad agencies is that they are focused on convincing customers that they want a certain product. While dictating the desires of the consumer has worked well enough for a while, the internet and birth of tons of new businesses have brought forth a different mindset and approach to advertising and marketing. For one thing, advancements in technology and changes to economic conditions have caused more online businesses to be started.


The main reason behind the choice to market without the agency is how businesses can interact with the customer. Fabletics calls it leveraging the power of the crowd. This is where people can take the time to not only build their online presence but also keep in contact with their customers as they continue to build their brands. They must also be available to keep the communications open with their consumers so that they will be able to answer any questions or solve any problems that come up with the products.


Fabletics is definitely showing tons of innovation beyond the clothes that they offer. Kate Hudson and the other founders have thought about every aspect of their marketing and has decided that it is important that the customer is the focus instead of the products. The products are no longer the selling factor. In the old days, the company told the customers what they wanted. This time, it is up to the customer to let the company know about the products they want so that they will be totally satisfied with what is being offered to them.

Highland Capital Management key Roles in the Society

Dreaming of starting a business but lack enough resources? Highland capital Management is the solution to your problem. The company offers investment advice to persons who would wish to start or expand their businesses. The investment advice may be given in form distressed credit, public and private equities, leveraged loans, emerging markets, structured products, natural resources and high yield bonds.

The company is SEC-registered and it is among the leading alternative credit managers worldwide. It was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Highland Capital Management directs over a billion assets in the world. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas with other offices in Singapore, New York, Seoul, Paolo and Sao.

Highland Capital Management also plays a great role in giving back to the society. It engages in charitable activities, advisory board participation as well as giving monetary contributions to non-profit and community organizations. Santa Barbara Foundation is one of the non-profit organizations which James Dondero participates actively. The foundation supports veterans wishing to attain higher academic grounds.

Highland Capital Management has a clear successful record across various sectors of the economy. One of the most successful units is the healthcare sector. Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing components in the US business industry. Highland Capital Management seeks to increase investment returns in the sector.

There is increased demand for quality public healthcare: new drugs have been introduced. The overuse of some of these drugs has been established to lead into addiction. Highland Capital management has come out to supports various companies that target to produce less addictive drugs. Among the supported businesses is Collegium Pharmaceutical. The company’s sales are expected to rise greatly due to its outstanding features. Pacira Pharmaceutical is another beneficiary. It produces a non addictive pain reliever for use in orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries.

Linda Owen named the charitable manager

In its bid to continue supporting the local community, Highland Capital has named Linda Owen as its charitable giving manager. James is reportedly happy with the new approach and believes Owen will achieve the desired results. Linda will now be the custodian of the annual $3 million channeled to support local organizations.

Pieces of business advice by Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed surgeon and medical doctor in the States of Georgia and Florida. He received his medical training at Tulane University Medical School. He grew up in New Orleans, LA and is very passionate about being a patient’s advocate. Dr. McKenna considers himself as a community servant.

Apart from medicine, Dr. McKenna renowned entrepreneur. After finishing his medical studies, he launched McKenna Venture Investments together with his father. The aim of the company was to serve as a real estate development firm. His success in the industry enabled him to acquire and later launch the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Incorporation. With a total of over 50 employees, the company was aimed at offering finance, designs, and real estate closing facilities.

In July 2017, Dr. McKenna founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company that bases its operations on the use of technologically advanced machinery to perform their tasks. He serves as the CEO of the company. Dr. McKenna got the OVME idea after operating in the aesthetics industry for over a decade. Thanks to his attention to detail and personal drive for perfection, he was able to notice various problems in the industry and saw opportunities in solving them. Through regular meditation on the setting of personal goals, Dr. McKenna has been able to reap success out of Dr. Mark’s  business ideas.

He is married to Gianine and together they have one daughter, Milana Elle. Dr. McKenna is an enthusiastic family man. Despite his busy career, he always ensures that he manages his work-life balance appropriately. He takes breakfast with his daughter every morning and enjoys dinner with his wife and daughter every evening.

Dr. McKenna serves as a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Before that, he was a board member of both New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival. He is very much pleased with how there has been a decline in smoking in America. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to ensure they read widely if they wish to become productive in their businesses. Having to keep the right company around him enabled Dr. McKenna to grow his business through the sharing of business ideas.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Austin’s Super Woman

Texas plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden had an attraction to the sciences at a very young age. With her father being a physician and her mother a nurse, it seems that she naturally gravitated to medicine. Dr. Walden currently runs her own aesthetic plastic surgery center in Westlake. She has 19 years of experience under her belt and a huge throng of loyal patients.

Dr. Walden built a successful practice in Manhattan before opting to pull up stakes and return to her Texas roots. After graduating from high school, she graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in biology. She went on to complete Walden’s medical training at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She also completed an externship in Miami.

She moved to Manhattan after being chosen for a fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. It was there where she honed her skills as a aesthetic plastic surgeon. Walden also partnered with world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Sherell Alston.

After becoming a mom of twin boys in 2011, Dr. Walden says she gained more fulfillment as a surgeon. But she also became homesick, and chose to move back home to have her sons raised around family. She has received many awards in her field. The most recent, the selection in Texas Monthly Magazine as one of the state’s Super Doctors.

Dr. Walden admits she’s a rarity in her field. The plastic surgery field is made up of less than 10 percent women. Dr. Walden theorizes that many women opt for other fields because becoming a plastic surgeon can take several years. This often means delaying starting a family.

Dr. Walden says she enjoys her job because it gives her the opportunity to help others. “I want to give them results they can be proud of.”

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White Shark Media Helping SMBs Excel

With the goal to deliver a world-class experience, three Danish entrepreneurs collaborated in 2011 to form the White Shark Media. All the three entrepreneurs had a background in online and offline marketing and resolved to take over the small and medium business market in Latin America and the USA. They purposed to develop unique and unmatched products and services to realize the vision.

Currently, White Shark Media is a top digital marketing firm assisting small and medium-sized businesses grow through customized online marketing solutions. The company ranks amongst the emerging digital agencies in North America. The factors that differentiate White Shark Media from the rest are the commitment to offer top-class customer experience and the use of cost-friendly and effective online marketing companies.

Over the years the agency has guided thousands of companies to employ online marketing approaches and marketing tools that have bolstered growth. White Shark Media is very intentional about its methods and closely works with the clients to monitor progress. The company employs a variety of tracking tools including Google Analytics integration, keyword tracking, its reporting software, and competitive intelligence. For White Shark Media the number one priority is accountability to all customers at each step.

Another significant resource that has contributed to White Shark Media’s success is the employee base. The agency has a pool of talented and bilingual staff that handle domestic and offshore businesses. The firm has inculcated a culture of shared vision and value to guide the daily operations. With proven concepts and a history of success, the over 150 employees in multiple locations help the small and medium-sized business owners grow.

White Shark Media also prides itself on being an SMB partners for Google Adwords in the USA. Google acknowledged the agency’s growth in 2012 and assigned a team to help White Shark Media grow and address client needs better and initiated the Adwords partnership two years later. Microsoft also recognized White Shark Media’s efforts and made the part of the Authorized Reseller program of Bing Ads.

Currently, the digital agency focuses on creating more innovative and affordable marketing solutions to enable customers to succeed.