Healthy Living with Sweetgreen

The idea behind Sweetgreen was born from a desire to have a healthy eating place by Nathaniel Ru. After his senior year in Georgetown University, Ru and some of his friends started Sweetgreen on a 560 square foot tavern on M street. Six years later, it has grown to become a 21 store farm from a table style restaurant.


The restaurant has now expanded to the main cities in the Northeast. It has opened up stores in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. It offers fresh and healthy food with most of its products being acquired from local farmers. The head of marketing, Theresa Dold said that Sweetgreen markets itself not only as a place to buy food but as a place of healthy food. She compares the thought approach of the founders to that of Apple.


Dold said that Sweetgreen approach to marketing was similar to Apple’s. They wanted to be social, smart, and local. She also added that they provide an excellent line of juices and throw a music festival once in every year. Ru said that despite the number of stores, every single one is supposed to live up to the core values. He stated that they operate under five core value that are;

  • Win – the company, the community, and the customer have a stake.
  • Sustainability – every decision should cater for the long term goal.
  • Keeping it real – this is by ensuring the food is always fresh.
  • Sweet touch- offering 110 percent will ensure an exponential growth in customers.
  • Teamwork – Doing together as a group creates a larger impact.


According to Ru, the five values has enabled them not only to be a restaurant but a lifestyle brand. In the year 2009, the brand opened a store in Washington. They spent too much, but nobody showed up. Rather than panicking, Ru and founders introduced music at the restaurant. There were emotional connection and customers started to stream in. The introduction of music later became Sweetlife, one of the biggest music, and food festival. Today, each store has its engineer and architect who designs it considering the local tastes.


Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Sweetgreen. He pursued a degree in finance from the University of Georgetown. Under his leadership, sweet green has grown to over 27 stores in six states. In 2010, Nathaniel with his partners launched Sweetlife that attracts over 20,000 attendees. With its recent expansion, under Nathaniel, the company has been involved in several philanthropic activities.


Talk Fusion’s Product Gains recognition in the Communication Sector.

Talk Fusion is a company that has specialized in offering stated-of-the art communication solutions across the planet. The Video Chat Solution of the company was honored by being made the winner of the Communication Solutions Product of the Year. The recognition was offered by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and it was the second that it received in 2016. The function of the award is to appreciate the excellent performance of the communication applications that offer data, audio, and video solutions and were launched less than 12 months ago.


The company has developed its video chat product using top-notch technology that is known as WebRTC, and it facilitates efficient face-to-face communication through computers, tablets, as well as smartphones. The application can be downloaded to devices that use the Android and iOS. Talk Fusion’s award shows that its product is creative and has made significant progress in the industry since its launch in March 2016. The CEO and proprietor of the company, Bob Reina, has been striving to ensure that its products stay up-to-date and stand out in the industry.


Talk Fusion has had significant accomplishments in 2016. They include establishing free trial products, creating, and purchasing a new WebRTC decoder. The company has been working to ensure that all its customers solve their communication needs through the program. It also empowers the associates across the world to reach the maximum number of clients.


Talk Fusion has been highly acknowledged for its integrated video marketing product. The Video Marketing Solution that it released is the first of its kind that has ever been accessed by the public. It has been dedicated to making its customers stand out from their competitors, and therefore, make excellent returns from their businesses. Talk Fusion has designed its video marketing product to be user-friendly, appealing, and credible hence they attract the clients. The company markets and sells its products by using independent agents who create networks. The firm has been operational since 2007 and has managed to sell its products in 140 countries.

Chris Burch explores the fields of Technology and Fashion

Chris Burch has made a career just by being observant of consumer behavior and market trends. He wrote an article recently that explores between technology and fashion. He discussed future tech trends that will be applicable in fashion. According to Chris Burch, Technology has been decreasing in size since the early 70s. However, it increased in popularity and personal expression. Technology surrounds our daily lives. It is important that we observe the trends in fashion and tech. Christopher Burch went ahead to highlight the works of famous designers. He stated that these designers had done a lot to improve their fashion thanks to advancements in technology. One place where technology is applied in fashion is in recycling. There have been recycled materials used to make ultra-modern clothing designs.


Chris Burch built his idea on the fact that the fashion industry has a significant relationship with Technology. The two industries have worked together in the past to realize noteworthy developments. For many years, the two industries have been used as a measure of growth and advancements. One thing is sure that both industries grow together. The technology relies on fashion for success and fashion relies on technology in other occasions. It is worth noting that the two industries grow together and one cannot grow at the expense of the other. The present advancements in both industries is a clear indication of the future of the two industries.


Christopher Burch is behind the observations of fashion and technology. He is the creator of Burch Creative Capital and works as the CEO. His passion and devoutness to his business have seen him grow to become a huge success. He has helped many businesses grow to become highly successful. He is a prominent business advisor who finds the best ways to market services and products for better sales. His experience in the business industry spans four decades.


Mr. Burch has managed to grow a highly successful company because he believes in creativity, scale, and applying imagination. He has led several brands and businesses that have had a major positive impact on many consumer lives. His experience both as an entrepreneur and a businessman is extensive. He has helped in the growth and success of more than 50 companies. Burch is a leader when it comes to connecting innovation with impact. His track record is long and impressive. Burch’s has built an extensive portfolio and has worked with several companies.


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Lori Senecal Shows that Brands Can Borrow a Leaf from Celebrities’ Seeming Mishap

Lori has often wondered whether there are lessons corporates on can take from the youthful singers and movie stars. Amy Wine House, Adele and Britney Spears are examples of music idols who may embarrass themselves, but come out stronger and better. Corporates can learn, according to Lori, from the ups and downs of these Holly Wood celebrities. Some of the lessons they can learn include:

Adopt a Project
Lori Senecal says that corporates should adopt causes as is seen by the youthful celebrities in Hollywood. Most of these, seemly clueless, celebrities are involved in one thing or the other to help make the world a better place. Corporates should borrow a leaf and take up causes like wildlife conservation, education, environmental conservation and humanitarian work in developing countries.

Come Back
Customers like to see a great comeback. If you can refurbish and revitalize your product on AdAge, chances are very high that more clients will come to you. When Martha Steward was arrested for tax evasion, she came back to the public as a celebrity. Consider Al Gore who lost to George Bush only to come back as a Nobel Prize winner for his environmental conservation efforts.

Partnerships for Greater Good
Lori Senecal shows how success emanates from two brands working together. For instance, Nike and Apple formed Nike plus. Together these two brands grew their bottom line by virtue of their cooperation. Today, Kohl is in partnership with Vera Wang the same way Stella McCartney is in league with Adidas.

Controversy not So Bad
Lori shows that in some instances, parody is not necessarily an indicator of doom. As the public ridicule of stars like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Paris Washington shows on PRNewsWire, the spatter is a stepping stone to greatness and more celebrity.

Lori Senecal
Lori was named, in 2014, by Advertising Age as one of the women to watch. The year before, 2013,she had won the AWNY Game Changer Award at She was awarded for her leadership and innovative prowess. Her respectability has earned her a sit at the judges table in the prestigious Isaac Awards. She is a respected member in the Ad Council Board of Directors.

Finding A Good Business Law Firm Or Lawyer In Brazil

It is crucial to retain the right lawyer or law firm to fight for you if you are going through a legal problem. With numerous law firms and attorneys out there, it can sometimes be a challenge to opt for the right one to help you. There are a number of factors to think about when picking a lawyer for your defense or representation.

When you opt for a lawyer, it is very important to be sure that they are well-versed in the field of law you are dealing with. For example, if you are facing a business organization legal disagreement, you should not select a real estate attorney just because he is your relative or friend. You will need to seek the services of someone who is well versed in corporate or business law firm.

It is a great idea to consult with many different law firms right before you select one. Always remember, that numerous lawyers and law firms offer free initial consultation. That consultation is a fabulous opportunity to know more about the law firm or lawyer’s performance, including the number of cases the lawyer has litigated and won. Some lawyers simply want to take the quick route and get the client to accept plea deals instead of going to trial. It is crucial to pick a lawyer who will aggressively fight for you, to get you the most desired outcome in your dispute. That’s where Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes in.

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian attorney that concentrates on business law and corporate litigation. He has addressed a number of high profile cases in the Brazilian legal system and is fully aware of what it takes to obtain great outcomes for clients. Ricardo has been in practice for many years and is well respected in the industry.

Mr Ricardo Tosto has successfully handled litigation matters for a wide variety of clients including individuals, organizations, the government sector and business entities. Professionals who are in need of his assistance can be assured of his expertise in handling their case effectively. Ricardo Tosto is widely recognized around the world due to his powerful litigation style and courtroom success.

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Betting On College Basketball Approaching March

Betting on college basketball is quite a lot of fun with, and college basketball odds are shifting every day of the season. Teams are playing constantly, and they are playing a game that will change until the day the tournament begins. This article explains how college basketball fans may bet on games every day, win quite a lot of money and ensure they are following up on each new game where a bet is placed.

#1: There Are Quite A Few Games To Bet On

College basketball odds are released every day for new games, and each new game allows for new bets. Players may bet on the spread or total points on an upcoming game, and they may find a few different games that look exciting. The games that are contested in the college basketball world have a few factors involved, and players are hit by each circumstance differently. The schools have their own methods of dealing with adversity, and certain coaches do not attempt to go undefeated early in the season. Checking back with offers information on each team’s methods.

#2: Games Around Test Time

There is quite a lot of talk about how finals and midterms as players must grapple with school, and each game may change due to the academic load of each player. Teams such as Duke and North Carolina may have odd performances due to their schooling, and the players at other schools all remain on their own schedules. The schedules are quite different, and players may research how each team is playing going into a big game.

#3: Special Bets come Tournament Time

There are quite a few different bets that may be placed on each game, and players may check in with the games as they are played out. Players have a good time as they watch their bets come true, and they may place props or parlays during the game if a certain event is close to happening. The players may bet just before the window closes, and they will find new games more enticing as they learn new information. offers several different betting options for every college basketball game, and players may partake in a lifestyle that is fun to behold during the basketball season. The March Madness that comes soon after will be incredible, and players may continue to place bets until the national title game is contested.

OSI Group Offering Food Solutions to the World

OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group is an American company that is privately owned. It is involved in meat processors that service the food service industries and retail. OSI Group was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky two years following his arrival in the US. Kolschowsky is a German immigrant.

The company was initially known as Otto & Sons. It started as a wholesale meat trade. The company quickly gained a reputation locally for providing quality meat. McDonald’s opened its first store in 1995. They chose the company to be their supplier of fresh ground beef patties. The company established a strong business with McDonald’s and became its primary activity. The Company made a deal with McDonald’s Kroc to be one of the four meat suppliers of McDonald’s.

The company opened its first meat plant of high-volume in West Chicago in 1973. The plant contained liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines. The Company went on to change its name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company was the exclusive McDonald’s supplier. OSI was able to expand and grow as McDonald’s continue to open more stores. The Forbes listed OSI as the 136th largest private company in America in 2011. This was based on its $3 billion annual revenues. OSI was listed number 58 on the list of Forbes largest private businesses in 2016.

The OSI plants in the US are located in Geneva, South Side Chicago, West Jordan, West Chicago, Riverside, Fort Atkinson, Utah, Wisconsin, California, Iowa, and Oakland. OSI produces a lot of private label brand foods and co-packing big brand name products for its many different retail and foodservice customers. OSI Group is located in the Asia- Pacific, North America, Eastern, and Western Europe. OSI Group has over 65 facilities in 17 nations all over the world. Some of the products for OSI include Poultry, meat patties, dough products, hot dogs, bacon, vegetables, pork, pizza, and fish. OSI Group has been a recipient of numerous awards including awards for environmental management and administration of safety and health risks.

OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees. It has gained popularity all over the world as a company that offers quality food solutions. OSI Group started from a small retail business. It has grown over the years to become a big empire providing a broad range of food products. OSI Group recruits employees from all over the world where they have their locations.



Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty guru currently living in Australia. Originally born in China Wengie migrated to Australia when she was very young to live with her parents. She is one of the top known Youtube Gurus and has one of the largest followings in Australia and all over the world. Wengie has over 4 million subscribers and her channel continues to grow everyday.


Wengie is known for her great video hacks such as her hair hacks video in which Wengie shows her viewers how to save time and money on their hair care as well as shows tips and tricks on how to have nice, longer more luxurious hair. One of the biggest and best tips in the hair hacks video is taking care of your hair through diet and vitamins. Your diet plays a huge role in how healthy your hair skin and even nails are. Filling your body with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables will help you to have longer and stronger hair. Vitamins also help make hair stronger and even softer.


Throughout the video Wengie also gives viewers some great ideas for hairstyles. She demonstrates how to do different braids making it easy for anyone to understand and replicate. Wengie also shows some simple hair hacks for getting light curls without doing any of the real work. It is a great video for those who are just beginning or even those who need some new hair tips and tricks. She has tons of other great hack and DIY videos about many other topics.


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Helping Others

Capitol Anesthesiology is a great company that has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years. If you are wanting to get involved in the local community, it is important to work with a company like this. Despite having a lot of growth plans for the future, Capitol Anesthesiology has continued to be involved in the local community. Over the long term, their investments will pay off. The good thing about this company is that they are involved with the medical industry and can offer assistance in a variety of ways.

Capitol Anesthesiology

From the time the company was started, Capitol Anesthesiology has always focused on the customers. The medical industry is constantly changing, but this company made sure to stay focused on what matters the most. If you want to build a great business, there are a variety of ways to do that. Capitol Anesthesiology has decided to invest in customers and the local community in an attempt to take things to a new level. Over time, their investments are starting to pay off in a variety of ways.

Future Plans

When looking to the future, Capitol Anesthesiology is planning to try and work around what is going on in the medical industry. With all of the new regulations coming out, it is getting more expensive than ever to operate a company and remain profitable. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, Capitol Anesthesiology is a great company to involve yourself with in the local community.

A Little Drama in Big Pharma: Remalda vs Laidlaw

Apparently, it takes a court order for enforce morality when the world of “big pharma” collides with the world of “shady finance”. Relmada Therapeutics has added an amendment to a previous Lawsuit against Laidlaw and its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Relmada Therapeutics is seeking damages and compensation as a result of Laidlaw’s efforts to spread “false information” in regards to Relmada. There is so much more to this.

The latest amendment to the lawsuit adds another installment in the accusations. Relmada Therapeutics claims Laidlaw disclosed sensitive and confidential financial information. How to handle classified and sensitive information has been a “hot-topic” in the USA lately. I am unsure if Hillary Clinton is to blame for this sensitive leak. In all seriousness, when did we lose our sense of care when guarding secrets in general?

There are two people you should trust in the this world: those that cook your food and those that handle your finances. Laidlaw has continually breached the trust of their clients over the years. It is beyond me that, it takes a team of lawyers and judges to re-teach the lessons of morality we learned in grammar school. My five year old can discern right from wrong better that Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. This is evident from the precedence that has been set since their inception as the principals of Laidlaw. Laidlaw is “laying” on a mattress made of lawsuits.

When the forces of evil decided to wipe each other out, I do nothing but watch in most cases. In this case, I truly believe Relmada Therapeutics is in the right and something needs to be done about Laidlaw. Something needs to be done about that type of “toxic leadership” poisoning some of our greatest business organizations.