Australian Orthopaedic Surgeon Greg Finch

Orthopaedic surgeons work on various problems with patients, such as total joint replacement and total shoulder replacement. Their goal is to bring back total mobility to affected joints and to bring pain relief to their patients. Patients who are seen for total joint replacement surgery have usually been previously diagnosed with severe arthritis and are seeking surgery because of intense pain and to increase their range of motion. The procedure starts with the surgeon accessing the damaged areas of the joint, which may be lying among many joints in the body, and then replacing the joint with plastic and metal surfaces that are shaped to return knee movement back to the patient.

Total shoulder replacement is also a procedure done by orthopaedic surgeons such as Greg Finch. While having a shoulder replacement done sounds like a painful procedure, it actually helps diminish the pain the patient feels and brings back mobility to the shoulder. The procedure itself will involve the replacement of damaged parts of both the cartilage and bone with either a plastic or metal implant. The goal is for the patient to have as much range of motion to the shoulder as possible after surgery.

Greg Finch is an orthopaedic surgeon who is trained in every aspect of spinal surgery. He specializes in minimally invasive spinal surgery, cervical spine surgery and adult deformity. He also specializes in disc replacement. He graduated from the University of Auckland and is known for his kind and easy-going demeanor with all of his patients.

Greg Finch spent two years working with various world leaders throughout the USA, UK and Germany in the specialty of spine surgery. Greg Finch is also a valued member of various organizations, including the Spine Society of Australia, the North American Spine Society and the Australian Orthopaedic Association.