Andrew Rolfe and The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Educational Fund is an internationally recognized fund that is famous for its contributions and efforts in raising money to help children, students, and families from Cape Province, South Africa. Many people who had lived in poverty stricken areas and vulnerable to diseases can testify that the Ubuntu Fund has helped them realize their dreams and they can prosper just like any other person who lives in a financially stable family.

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund based in South Africa. He was hired by Jacob Lief, a man renowned for his good deeds for helping the needy. Jacob Lief founded the Ubuntu Education back in 1999 when the apartheid in South Africa was still firmly operating. Since Ubuntu’s foundation, over 400,000 people have benefited from its fund especially children and students who cannot afford their fees and those who experience hardships in getting a three meal course every day. The Ubuntu fund has also established medical camps in the marginal areas where hospitals haven’t yet been set up and helped to distribute food aids to people.

He recently designed a method which would assist the Ubuntu fund to operate efficiently and more. He defines that the model will help the fund acquire funds and donations which are free from restrictions and during a recent fundraising, the model proved to work well.

Andrew Rolfe has been a hardworking and determined advocate of the children’s rights. He makes an effort to ensure that the community challenges are addressed to the later primarily educational and medical services in Cape Province. He has proven that his job is not only done because of the paycheck, but it’s done from his heart. His council to the founder and CEO of Ubuntu fund, Jacob Lief, has been of great help. For example, the Ubuntu organization declined millions which had been donated to them because the donors wanted a favor in return or had strict restrictions to their fund and this had caused operational problems in the organization.

His passion and dedication to working at the Ubuntu Educational Fund organization is an example of a good leader who is driven by his heart to serve others. Andrew Rolfe is an idol that people should enumerate.