Andrea McWilliams: Lobbyist, Fundraiser, Philanthropist

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and fundraiser. Her father, Frank Beynon, owned a politically famous hamburger eatery in Austin within blocks of the Texas Capitol on Congress Avenue. A resolution was passed honoring Frank Beynon after the politically respected cafeteria had closed,


McWilliams received training in how to influence others at the public relations firm, Public Strategies, Inc. She has been politically connected from her first bite of a hamburger since she was 21 years old.


She married Dean McWillimas. Andrea McWilliams and her husband Dean is Austin’s “first family” of power couples. Having elegant parties, which they often do, at a beautiful home is just the start of a political relationship. The power is not in the cocktail but the pocket book.


Andrea McWilliams and her husband Dean political fundraising efforts raised at least $100,000 for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. Andrea was a fundraiser and supporter of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential bid. She co–founded with her husband, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants.


While many lobbyists spend most of their time working on causes not close to their hearts, Andrea McWilliams’s wears her heart on her sleeve as a philanthropist and as a cancer survivor. She has represented nonprofit groups committed to cancer prevention, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and KillCancer. Andrea McWilliams raised millions of dollars to support Central Texans coping with breast cancer. She also has served as a board member of many nonprofit groups.


Andrea McWilliams’s accomplishments have received much notice. She received the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power Award.” The Girl Scouts of Central Texas honored her with the “Woman of Distinction” Award. In 2012, Mrs. McWilliams received the “Austin Under 40” Award, and she has been honored by being named to the “All-Stars” of Austin American-Statesman Fortunate 500 list.