An Unparalleled Name in Talent Acquisition

Julie Zuckerberg established herself as an eminent personality in the field of talent acquisition, owing to her tactics when it comes to recruitment methods and sourcing. Zuckerberg is a New York-based Recruitment Lead who is currently working for Deutsche Bank, taking charge of this role back in 2014. She received her initial education from Brooklyn College and later on claimed a Law degree from the New York Law School. Her skills in redefining talent acquisition enabled her to work with one of the most well-reputed organizations in the world.


Starting out at a very young age, Zuckerberg has amassed fifteen years’ worth of experience as a talent acquisition expert, thus proving her exceptional talent in this field. When she started her professional career in 2002, her firm established itself as a renowned firm while it was still in its nascent stage. Furthermore, Zuckerberg served as Director of Placement at Hudson, where she continued her services till 2007. This enabled her to learn and further polish her skills, which ultimately resulted in more opportunities opening up for her. Recognizing her talent, many huge names reached out to her for her services, which paved the way for more popularity and success. From 2007 onwards, Julie proved her worth while serving as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, NA Professional and Executive Recruitment at Citi Global Functions, a company that offers financial services for business growth and economic progress. Zuckerberg continued her services in the company till 2011, and in 2013, went on to work with one of the biggest names in the corporate world, the New York Life Insurance Company, where she was offered the role of Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President. Working in the field of talent acquisition, Julie had very specific tasks, which mainly entailed the employment of her sourcing and management skills. Additionally, the position required her to collaborate with leaders in the fields of private wealth and commercial businesses, and also specialize in asset management, global technology, and operations to formulate regional talent acquisition policies, while also improving the recruitment process. She carries out the responsibility of imparting her knowledge in the form of useful advice to the leadership and executive committees regarding hiring governance and recruitment practices, which eventually increase the proficiency and engagement regarding attracting a very diverse range of talent from across the nation’s top institutions. Working with these firms also enabled Zuckerberg to work as a leader of negotiation and development of managerial level offers, which helped her acquire extraordinary skills when it comes to dealing with clients. Being a naturally talented person when it comes to managing the recruitment process, her work is appreciated wherever she goes, in addition to her sourcing abilities, which enabled her to source talent on an international scale. Furthermore, she also manages other procedures regarding international source relocation. She is not just regarded as prominent personality in her field due to her work experience and the way she deals with clients, but also due to her contribution towards introducing new recruitment methods, such as the use of media, which maximize the utility of facilities, while also saving the time and effort allocated to the process of picking out from a pool of diverse talents.


Outside office, Julie has a wide range of interests, which mainly include art and technology, food, photography and staying physically fit. Despite the fame that she has acquired, she still does not fall behind in charitable work and continues to help humanity by volunteering.