All About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell was named as the chief finance officer of Willis Tower Watson. it is the leading in broking, a global advisory, and solutions for the clients worldwide that turn their risk in growth path He replaced Roger Millay after he retired on October 2017. the company is serving in more than 140 countries and has employed 40,000 workers.

Michael Burwell is an experienced man in the field of finance having worked for PWC. He worked in the organization for 31 years offering professional services and finance field. He had senior leadership roles at PWC where he held some positions like Global transformation as the head, chief operating officer, and even chief finance officer. He also worked as Transaction services head in united states.

In addition, Burwell is also skilled in auditing having an experience of 11 years. He has also worked on Transaction advisory services for 12 years, that includes working on pre-merger, valuation, and diligence.

Michael joining Global Advisory was the important time during the organization’s evolution. He clearly understands about management, leadership, and complex performance in relation to stronger customers focus. The organization had confidence in him in matters relating to transactions, transformation, and finance and he will help in guiding long-term growth so that the organization can achieve its potential fully.

Michael Burwell is honored to get the opportunity to work with the organization. He was impressed with their leadership strength, their client’s commitments and collaboration that includes the culture. He believes that he will be ready to contribute so that the company can become successful.

Before Michael joined Willis Towers Watson, he worked for 31 years at PWC. When he was in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, he spent 11 years serving at assurance practice where he worked on numerous audits clients. He was later admitted to partnership in 1997 and started working on transaction services practice which was PWC’s Detroit based.

When he was working in Detroit, he became very successful and he was given the chance to take over PWC as the leader in the central region. He was serving as the overall transaction service leader in the United States. Refer to This Article for additional information.

In the year 2012, he was made the vice chairman of Global and United states Transformation. He brought change in the transformation role by optimizing the effectiveness of the organization where he was overseeing diverse group for internal functions that were including technology, global strategic sourcing, finance, and human capital. He has also served during his work on several clients as a senior relationship partner.