Air Conditioners Experts from Goettl Give Energy Saving Tips and Tricks While Using HVAC Units

One of the biggest concerns for most homeowners is the increased expenditure on the electricity bill, especially in the summer. When there is unfavorable weather, such as in hot and humid conditions, staying without an HVAC system isn’t an option. However, homeowners shouldn’t break the bank in a bid to keep conditions in their living rooms under control. Fortunately, HVAC experts from Goettl have come up with a few tips and tricks that can enable homeowners to save big on their electricity bills while using air conditioners.

According to HVAC experts from Goettl, one of the best tricks that can help to reduce power consumption by air conditioners is by weatherizing your home. HVAC systems consume extra power since much of the conditioned air escaped to the outside and warm air gets into the house. The prudent thing a homeowner can do is to replace old insulation and seal all the gaps and cracks in the house.

Homeowners are also advised to keep their air conditioning units in the shade. The air in the shady areas is typically cooler, so the HVAC unit doesn’t need to work extra hard to produce cool air for your home. Additionally, the experts recommend that you keep the thermostat away from heat. These conditions can trick your unit that more cool air is needed which is not necessarily the case.

Homeowners are advised to invest in low-emissivity windows for their homes. The windows reduce the number of sun rays getting into the house thus helping in controlling the indoor temperatures. A cheaper alternative would be to apply tint film on the windows on your home.

About Goettl

Goettl is an HVAC industry leader that has been in operation for several decades now. Goettl’s focus is to shape the air conditioning and heating industry by manufacturing energy-efficient units that save money for the consumer. Goettl was established in 1926 by three brothers in Mansfield, Ohio. The company is currently based in Phoenix Arizona and serves customers in Arizona and beyond.