A Look At The Life Of One Of Fortress’s A-List Principals, Peter Briger

Peter Briger, two simple, ordinary names yet powerful as they are a tag of someone who is not only wealthy but highly successful and one who commands a lot of respect in the finance arena. For those who don’t know him, Peter Briger is one of Fortress Investments group principals and a highly influential figure not only in finance but in the entire business world. Peter joined the company in 2002 after working with Goldman Sachs for fifteen years. Ever since he first stepped into business, Peter Briger has been achieving milestone after milestone and his transition to Fortress investments has been nothing but a blessing for the renowned asset management company.

Career growth

Nevertheless, Peter’s success does not come as a surprise because looking at his career journey, it is easy to see that his stars were always lined up for success not because he comes from a rich background but thanks to his determination and commitment. Mr. Briger first had his business encounter while at Princeton University where he emerged with a BA and also at the University of Penn where he was pursuing his MD in business administration. He later got intimately involved with the finance sector when he joined Goldman Sachs.

While here, Peter Briger served various positions a factor which helped him in finessing his skills at asset management, distressed debts and investing in liquid assets. When he got an opportunity to join Fortress Investments, he did so at the drop of the hat and his success today is sufficient proof that he made a wise decision. For instance, a few years after joining FIG, he helped the company expand their portfolio by $15 billion a factor that contributed to him being ranked 317 on Forbes list of the most influential and also richest self-made billionaires in the world. Today he focuses on Fortress’s credit fund and real estate side of business. His exceptional leadership skills and impeccable decision making has helped turn the company not only into a global conglomerate but a business for all seasons.

Charitable Peter

Aside from the success and his career, Peter Briger understands the essence of humanity and education which is why he still maintains close ties with the institutions he went to such as Princeton University. For instance, he has teamed up with two of his Princeton University classmates to help budding entrepreneurs smart their way up by offering them the financial assistance they need to make their dreams and imaginations a reality. He also sits as a board member for various charity organizations such as Silicon Valley which focuses on alleviating the impact of poverty across the world.

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