Dr. Jennifer Walden Is The ASAPS New Sectretary

On April 29th, the first female physician was elected on the Executive Board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS was privileged to earn the position of Secretary in the Executive board of ASAPS. This Executive role will be her second as she is currently the Commissioner of Communication for ASAPS.

The board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has received nationwide commendation for her exponential expertise, skill, advice, and knowledge in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. She got trained in the field of cosmetic surgery by NewYork based Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She also founded her own cosmetic and laser center by the name Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre that deals in radio frequency treatments that reduce body fat, rhinoplasty, facelifts, Botox and dermal fillers, breast augmentation, this but a few of the many services offered there. The center is privileged to own and use 3D imaging technology that enables patients to visualize how they will look like after the surgery even before it is done.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons aside from being in ASAPS where she joined the society in the year 2008. She also doubles up as a spokesman and a key opinion trendsetter in renowned medical aesthetic companies such as Thermi Aesthetics, SmartGraft. Cynosure and many more. She has and still gives lectures on matters such as fat grafting surgery, breast implants, vaginal rejuvenation and often features in television networks lifestyle segments.

The ASAPS has more than 2600 accredited Plastic surgeons that are spread across the globe. The society is a leading organization that deals with all matters that in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS was elected to be the society’s new President has been a member for over twenty years. The board-certified plastic surgeon had been serving in California before being elected.

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Whitney Wolfe And The Dangers of Online Dating and How She Manages to Handle It

When people first experienced online dating, one thing they figured is that they get the best of all possibilities without none of the setbacks. One of the reasons that online dating was so popular is that people were not limited by their locations or social circles. They could date anyone within a wider range. This is one thing that has encouraged a lot of people to sign up and fill out their profile. The only thing is with online dating came a lot of issues such as stalking, trolling, obscene images and plenty of other unsavory activities that can make online dating a bad activity.

Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe is doing everything she can to make her online dating platform, Bumble, as welcoming as possible. She is doing everything she can to make sure that people are not engaging in activities that can make others uncomfortable. Another thing she is trying to do is maintain the classiness of the image. Therefore, she is banning certain images from her app. Among the images she is banning is guns. This is a response to the concerns of gun violence. One thing that can be said for Whitney Wolfe is that she is brave and strong.

With the bravery of Whitney Wolfe, people who work for Bumble do not have to worry about the company getting sold. Whitney Wolfe did not start the company just to make money. When she starts businesses, her intention is to raise money for a cause or bring attention to a cause. This is one of the reasons that all of her businesses have taken off. She had the motivation and the marketing skills to attract the customers so that they will be willing to take part in the activities that are going to save lives. Aspiring entrepreneurs can look up to Whitney Wolfe.

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Shiraz Boghani Is A Leading Hotelier And Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani is a prominent British and Muslim business leader, entrepreneur, investment trader, and philanthropist. As a supporter of charity organizations Mr. Boghani supports the global Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network which is a United Kingdom charity. He also chairs the UK National Conciliation Enterprise and he is a member of the National Council within the Ismaili community.

His community purpose is to direct and lead British and Muslim citizens in working together for a better nation in a global partnership. Mr. Shiraz Boghani is also a successful entrepreneur whose leadership is displayed in the many hotels, healthcare, real estate, and financing arenas that he is involved with.

Mr. Boghani was born in the Islamic faith in Kenya, Africa before he moved to the United Kingdom in 1969. He began his career in an accounting firm before he began work at the preeminent KPMG Company in England. Shiraz continued his accounting experience when he became a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts.

Shiraz Boghani continues his leadership skills as the co-founder of the popular Sussex Health Care Center and Support Services. Sussex Health Care centers has received many awards as the leading therapy model for healthcare in the United Kingdom.

Sussex Health Care cares for the aged and individuals who have been diagnosed with neurological issues. As an award winning global model, Sussex Health Care provides many ensuite group homes throughout the United Kingdom which are staffed by quality medical and healthcare staff members.

His work in the hospitality industry is renowned due to the creation of his successful brand limited service hotel chains. As a successful hospitality Owner and Director, Shiraz Boghani founded a private hotel chain known as The Splendid Hospitality Group.

The Splendid hotel chain includes modern, comfortable hotels located throughout England with varying models like from boutique, luxury, and upper midscale. In addition to The Splendid Hospitality Group chain, Shiraz Boghani also created leisure hotels called Sojourn Hotels, LLP.

He has also acquired other luxury hotels like the Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn, the Conrad Hotels, and other hotel chains. In 2016, Mr. Boghani was awarded the Hotelier of the Year.

Jacob Gottlieb Is A Leading Hedge Fund Manager At Visium

Growing up in Brooklyn as a child, Jacob Gottlieb had a well-adjusted childhood and a strong focus on his education, having two high achieving parents. Jacob was highly interested in investing and business prospects as a child, going as far as selling his own cards and even winning an award in school for choosing stocks accurately. Jacob Gottlieb has personally worked in two different major careers, following in both of his parent’s footsteps. Like his mother, Jacob first became a licensed doctor capable of practicing medicine. Later, Jacob decided to switch careers and focus on business, like his father had done before him.

Jacob Gottlieb went to Rhode Island in order to attend Brown University where he ultimately earned his degree in economics. This was the beginning of Jacob’s start as an entrepreneur and businessman. Today, Jacob Gottlieb is the co-founder and CIO of the company Visium. This firm works with other corporations and individuals to oversee assets and provide management of capital. Today, Visium oversees more than 3 billion dollars worth of assets. Jacob Gottlieb personally played a major role in the success of Visium today.

Being a hedge fund investor seems like a pretty big change from being a doctor, but nonetheless, Jacob loves the work he does today. According to him, both careers are quite similar to each other in the sense that they require diligence, risk-taking, and critical thinking. While Jacob enjoyed helping others as a doctor, he is able to help many more people than he ever did before as an investor.

With all of his success, Jacob has been an active supporter of various non-profit organizations over the years, including Covenant House, Robin Hood Foundation, and Math for America. These organizations alone do tremendous amounts of good to help children, poverty, and homelessness.


PSI Pay Financial Institution Article


PSI-PAY is a company based in the UK that offers banking alternative. It aids in managing financial affairs for the business. KERV wearables formed a partnership with PSI-PAY.


This union has enabled this company to concentrate on the manufacture and sale of rings instead of making a complicated wallet system. KERV profits from PSI-PAY’s trade union with MasterCard.


People using ring can do business with any salesman either online or even offline as long as they accept payments through MC. Ring users have many options; they can either deposit bank, debit funds, credit or even PayPal to digital wallets.


By 2018, a few people were using wearable devices for their purchase of goods. The trend is real because people are more used to payment using plastic cards and some of the people with accounts are reluctant to spend money or buy the wearable equipment. Even so, the contactless devices have shown an expected promising future.


MasterCard is a demonstration that one in a group of four people from Europe is planning to use the technology of wearable payment. The digital wallet varieties of America and Europe do not give the same present the same advantages, but the same time and also improve security wearable devices, as well as contactless devices, also have the same benefits.


These advantages could enhance their popularity when citizens try to make waiting lines short and keep away from data breaches that are merchant-specific. Even though this industry is still facing significant difficulties, companies that are innovative like KERV, PSI-PAY and EcoPayz continue to work hard to ensure personal finance is affordable and even more convenient for everybody.


PSI-PAY is among the leading Fintech regulated companies based in the UK that provides facilities of digital account as well as a payment card to the markets internationally while KERV innovators are among the leading in other forms of payments in the industry.


The alliance makes use of MasterCard license of PSI-PAY which allows people using the contactless payment with KERV ring to pay worldwide within 38 million different locations. Users of KERV will have the ability to pay for their account through PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or debit, either by way of auto top-up or by manual load service.


Kerv users can make purchases in-app or even online using the virtual card as well as contactless payments. PSI-PAY’s limited Phil Davies, the managing director, said that the company was pleased when Kerv chose to work with them.

Robert Ivy Deserves A Lifetime Achievement Award

There are a lot of colleagues from Mississippi and Washington, DC that are congratulating Robert Ivy. Recently, the architect received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The reward was given to Ivy because of his contribution to his community, the United States, and the world. He has thought of ways to communicate with other architects that have a passion like he does for construction and design. As a former Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, Ivy communicated with thousands of architects through writing journals. As it turns out, Robert Ivy has pursued an avenue that was successful. Robert seems to rack up when it comes to receiving awards for his work. In 2009, Ivy was the recipient of Crain Award. He started off working alongside of other architects that showed him some basic fundamentals. Robert Ivy took what he learned and utilized it the way he saw that it should be used within his career.

It was a honor to Robert Ivy when he received his award for his charity-giving and work principles. He knew that his dedication would somehow be noticed as he continued to work, but Ivy didn’t know when it would happen for him. Ivy wasn’t expecting global attention, but he continued to strive to make communities better. Robert Ivy is thankful that he has experience from McGraw-Hill. The platform he was able to create was due to his loyalty to the companies that he work for and his clients. Ivy credits a lot of his foundation to the education that he was able to attain which was his Masters in Architecture from Tulane University. Ivy admits that he had to learn lessons along his journey, but the lessons learned made him a stronger businessman person. Being that he served as an officer in US Navy, Ivy learned discipline early in life that has stayed with him throughout his better business career. Robert hopes to clear his schedule to reach back and help an architect student find their niche. Including showing that student the latest techniques, Ivy hopes to continue to do that until his retirement.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Founder of OVME Provides Luxurious Treatment Experience in Atlanta

Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician by profession and an aggressive entrepreneur. He has been licensed to perform surgery and medicine by the Louisiana and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. Mark has been performing his professional duties diligently and loved the fact that he helps patients every day. Dr. Mark McKenna was raised in Orleans, Los Angeles. He attended the Tulane University Medical School where he obtained his degree in medicine. Upon graduating, Dr. Mark practiced medicine with his father who is also a physician. Although he studied and performed medicine, he was attracted to the entrepreneurial world precisely in the real estate industry.


Dr. Mark McKenna eventually ventured into the business world and slowly began to build his real estate business. He found his own company McKenna Venture Investment, a real estate development firm. During the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Mark lost millions, and his cash flow drastically went to zero. In the aftermath of the strike, he participated in building affordable houses through the development of low-moderate income housing. Dr. Mark McKenna career as a real estate investor came to a halt after losing property during the Hurricane Katrina and quickly shifted back to the medical field. Recently, he made headlines with his new creation “OVME” meaning “of me” in Buckhead, Atlanta. OVME is a technology-enabled, medical aesthetic company that is set to provide elective healthcare. The project’s primary mission was to provide luxurious services experience to patients. Mark’s venture will help numerous patients in Atlanta by providing high tech services to clients.


The idea of establishing OVME came after working in the aesthetics industry for over ten years. He worked at ShapedMed, a company that offered cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, Weight management and nutrition. The cosmetic treatment company was later on sold to Life Time Fitness Inc., where he also worked as the National Medical Director. OVME offers a wide range of skin and facial services including; Vivace micro needling, injection of neurotoxins which helps in making the skin look youthful, and dermal fillers that help in keeping lips look plumper. The creation is grounded in cutting-edge technology, for example, the OVME team recently introduced a new feature that will be an ultimate solution to weight management, and begins with the analysis of the patients DNA.



Hildebrand An Excellent Addition to The MB2 Dental Family

Recently, Dental Support Organization MB2 Dental Solutions welcomed Jackson Hildebrand to take over the financial management of MB2 as well as its 91 practices in its large dentist-owned network as their new chief financial officer.

Hildebrand joined the team boasting exponential previous experience within the financial and private equity fields. He offers the company guidance and leadership as the overseer of MB2‘s accounting, analysis, and financial reporting operations. This new leadership allows growth and development as physicians continue investing in as well as adding and establishing more practices to the long list of practices within network.

Hildebrand graduated with a BBA and MS in Accounting from Texas A&M University, and his financial career began with government audit practices in Washington, DC at KPMG. Before coming to MB2, he previously served as a Finance Director for TPG Capital, his responsibilities included being in charge of their legacy buyout funds by way of taking responsibility for their financial operations as well as the accounting for the company. Now along with his excellent career record, he is a family man based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He’s been married to his wife for 12 years and has two children.

MB2 provides offices affiliated in network with resources and services that allow them to better serve their patients through their practices. The founding of MB2 came from the idea that ‘more heads are better than one,’ as the doctors within the network all work together to provide the best care, and continues to thrive with Hildebrand becoming an integral part of the team.

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David McDonald: Swine Event and OSI Group Information

Swine Event

David McDonald the President of OSI Group will be in attended at an educational outing called Swine Day. This is located at “Iowa State University: in the “Scheman Building”. It will feature lecturers who target points that are encountered by pork producers from the United States. David McDonald serves the North American Meat Institution on their Board of Directors. Doing this supplies him with creative viewpoints on the courses the change the worldwide protein utilization. David McDonald will be there to discuss the food industries future.

The sessions for this outing will start at eight thirty in the morning and end at four thirty in the afternoon. In the morning portion along with David McDonald’s talk will also feature Canada’s Sunterra Farm’s Ray and Dave Prince and Ansell and Associates President Jeff Ansell. After lunch the event will have sixteen demonstrations that join with four simultaneous meeting. Following the event will be a barbeque for the conference which is catered by Des Moines Iowa’s “Smokey D’s” and more

OSI Group

Currently, the OSI Group is placed as one of the world’s biggest suppliers of food. OSI Group has facilities amounting to sixty-five and countries of seventeen with employees in total of 20,000. The great transition it had from a beginning that was humble to a business that’s big collective is an essential piece of the economic history in America in the 20th century. The worldwide headquarters are placed in Aurora, Illinois. This has several plants worldwide and all over the United States. Some common products that are produced are bacon, sausage, items of frozen dough, meat patties, prepared meats and different chicken products. Also, they account for a variety of grocery stores and food chains over the world. David McDonald for over thirty years has worked for this such company. He arrived in 1987 and more