A Look At Financial Expert Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, in New York, New York. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary, StoneCastle Cash Management. Rotella has been in the financial industry for almost 40 years with most of his time at the executive level.In 1975 Rotella earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University. He went on in his education to earn a Master of Business Administration, Information Technology/Finance from the University at Albany, Suny. His he started his professional career as a Senior Consultant for Accenture. He was able to quickly advance as just two hears later he was the Vice President of Product Development at The Reserve Group. In 1984 he became a Vice President at Shearson Lehman Inc. and in 1987 the was the Chief Executive Officer of Home Finance at industry giant J.P. Morgan. Stephen Rotella stayed with J.P. Morgan for 18 years before he became the President and Chief Operating Officer at WaMu.

Stephen Rotella founded his own financial firm in January 2011. His goal in founding the company was to serve as a liaison between institutional investors and the banking industry. Under his leadership, StoneCastle Partners has grown into one of the largest asset management firms in the United States with over $11 billion in assets.

He offers liquidity, capital, and funding services to banks and investment firms across the country. His main office is in New York City and he also maintains another one in Atlanta, Georgia.Stephen Rotella was recently named as the Chairman of the Board for the nonprofit LIFT. LIFT, founded in 1998 is dedicated to helping underprivileged people break the cycle of poverty. They have helped more than 100,000 build the education and skills needed to break out of low levels of income and attain their dream and is located in cities across the country including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.c. Rotella has been involved with the community for years and has also served on the boards of a number of other nonprofits including The Seattle Foundation, YouthCare, and ArtsFund.


White Shark Media Converting Leads into Dollars

White Shark Media has been helping clients boost their online presence since 2010. Offering services such as Pay Per Click Management, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, many clients boast immediate results using White Shark Media. They have extensive knowledge with the Shopify platform as well as Google Adwords.


Focusing on areas where their Clients make their money, they can evaluate current methods and offer new solutions. Clients love the time their assigned team takes to get to know about their business – everything from product line to long term goals. Not only do they get to know the business they are very knowledgeable about the best ways to drive business to their site. With professional and friendly support you will love having White Shark Media as part of your Marketing team.


At White Shark Media they can convert leads into dollars and have worked with all types of business from snorkel tours to construction services. Running a business is hard, why not delegate some of your duties to a company that can generate more revenue and in some cases even cut your online marketing costs.


If you are ready to increase your online presence and gain more sales, then now is the time to contact White Shark Media. They will work with you every step of the way to ensure your e-commerce site is the best it can be. Let them do what they do best so that you can do what you do best, and that is run your business!



Fabletics –Giving Tough Competition to Retail Giants Such as Amazon in Fitness Apparel Niche

Fabletics is one of the top most brands in the world of “Athleisure” clothing line and is a subsidiary company of TechStyle Fashion Group. The company is just three years old having started in the year 2013, but in this short period, the company is doing the business of well over $250 million annually. It is a tough feat to achieve considering the apparel market is saturated with many online retail companies including Amazon which has over 20 percent market share. Fabletics is owned by Katie Hudson, who is a famous Hollywood celebrity and fitness role model for millions of her fan not only in the United States, but across the globe. Thanks to the famous product line and a unique designer collection Fabletics offer, the company has been giving tough run for money to its competitor, including Amazon.


One of the primary reasons why Fabletics has been able to gather the momentum it enjoys today is because of the mass appeal of its products and the personalized services its VIP members get. The membership fees are kept nominal so that the people don’t feel a pinch in their pocket. The members get an e-mail with new designs and collections the first week of each month. The members can choose to go ahead and buy what they see in the mail or can decide to skip. If the customers opt to skip, they aren’t charged anything on their credit card. It is a very convenient way of shopping for the members who regularly like to update their wardrobe without actually having to go through the hassle of selecting and buying from various brands and stores, online and offline.


The reverse showroom model that the Fabletics follow is a time-tested formula that has worked for many other brands, such as Apple and Warby Parker. In this model, the business already builds a subscriber base and once it has a target audience ready to absorb what the company offers it further penetrates the market by opening physical outlets. It ensures that the firm can establish itself in the field as a front runner and gives the competition a tough time. The company has millions of VIP members already, and it continues to add new members in hundreds and thousands each day.


I have personally been the VIP member of Fabletics for a few months now and can say that it offers some of the best fitness apparels at a very low cost. The convenience of shopping for the VIP members is tremendously helpful and makes it a very easy option to add to the existing wardrobe. The company has over 1,000 customer service executives ensuring customers get high-quality customer services at all times. There are more than 400 backend employees who work in different departments of the company, including designing, administration, management, and more. As per reports, Fabletics has many other plans in the pipeline to provide better and innovative products and services to the customers, and it certainly has gotten me excited.

How Scott Rocklage’s Strategic Leadership Experience is Instrumental in the Growth of 5 AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage is an American healthcare management specialist and the principal executive of 5 AM Ventures. Scott joined the company’s leadership team in 2004 after serving its venture partner for one year. Since 2002, 5 AM Ventures has grown into a venture capital company that specializes in spinouts and startup investments. The company also invests in companies that focus on biotechnology, drug development, medical technologies, and product discovery platforms.


As the managing partner of 5 AM Ventures, Scott oversees medical technologies with an emphasis on materials science, drug delivery, and imaging agents. He works with John Diekman, the founding partner and chair, Andrew Schwab, co-founder and managing partner, and Rebecca Lucia, the chief financial officer.


Career Highlights


Before joining the executive team at 5 AM Venture Management, Scott was instrumental in the growth of several companies. These include EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals and Amersham Health that he served as CEO. Cubist Pharmaceuticals also recorded an increase in its revenue as Scott served as its president for seven years. Scott was also acknowledged as the first CEO of the company when he was appointed in 1994. His executive expertise also benefited Nycomed Salutar and Catalytica Pharmaceuticals.


Board Membership Roles


Besides serving as an executive, Scott also provides several pharmaceutical companies with strategic planning insights as a member of the council. He joined the executive board of Cidara Therapeutics in 2013 as the chair. He has also been serving the same role in the board of Novira Therapeutics since 2012. With extensive knowledge and experience in health care management, Scott has been the director of Acheogen since 2004. He has also used his strategic leadership expertise in advising the boards of Relypsa, Pulmatrix, Kinestral, Semprus, and Miikana Therapeutics.


Scott Rocklage is the brains behind several patented-healthcare management innovations in the United States. He is also the writer of more than 100 publications that have been peer-reviewed and published in online and offline journals. The Food and Drug Administration agency certified several drugs that Scott developed. He attributes his successful executive and scientific research career to the Ph.D. in Chemistry that he earned from MIT.

Dr Avi Weisfogel – A Doctor of Two Different Worlds

Dr Avi Weisfogel is indeed a blessing to the medical world. The New Jersey based doctor has contributed a lot towards the treatment of dental problems as well as sleep related illnesses.


With a solid dental education to back him up, Dr Avi set up a dental clinic – Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He managed the clinic with the help of a dedicated team and together they provided high quality service to clients. Thanks to Dr Avi’s indepth dental knowledge and highly professional approach towards dental problems, the clinic’s clientele base kept growing over the years. He was in addition honored with a Best Dentist award for his excellent dental services.


A few years after establishing his dental clinic, Dr Avi Weisfogel began taking interest in sleep disorders medical care. He researched indepthly on the cause and treatment of sleep problems while also working as a dentist at the same time. He then started Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to help provide medical care to patients with sleep related disorders.


Dental Sleep Masters provides treatment to sleep disorder patients through application of dental treatment methods as well as clinical methods. It continues to conduct research on the field of sleep disorders in order to provide effective remedy to patients who are affected by them.


Dr Avi holds two degrees, a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from New York University College Of Dentistry. Aside from medicine, Dr Avi is an avid hockey fan and keenly follows the national hockey league.

Dr Walden Brings Her Business Home

Dr Walden is a great plastic surgeon who once had her practice in New York, but now she is bringing it all back to where she began. Dr Walden is thinking of her kids and where she felt the most at home.


Dr Walden Comes Home

Dr Walden started her career in New York and built a fantastic base of clients in her business. She not only built her clients with normal people, but also with famous clients. She decided to bring it back to where she grew up so she could give her kids a great childhood in the country.


Moving To Texas

A great thing about Dr. Jennifer Walden is that she maintained her business even while she moved it to the middle of the country. Her clients still come see her in Texas and she still has that famous client backing. They come to her because she is good at her job and she makes sure everyone feels like they are in control of their experience.


There are a lot of plastic surgery options, but Dr Walden is worth the extra drive. She has the experience to give you a great look and to help you feel better about who you are and what you look like. She has maintained the upscale look and feel of her clinic while being in a smaller area that is more personal to her. Take a minute and give her a call. You might just find she is perfect to help you.


Equities First Holdins Specializes in Unconventional Lending

Equities First Holdings is quickly becoming a leader in the global lending market, filling in the gaps where borrowers need capital the most. Every lender specializes in a specific type of industry and borrower, but with all the new regulations and global market most lenders have been focused on the same corners of the industry. While this might mean more business and business growth is possible, it also cuts off a huge market that might not fall into the category of the best borrowers. Equities First Holdings specializes in borrowing capital to unconventional lenders that are able to return on a loan, but don’t always qualify with the industry standard lenders.

By removing tighter qualifications that are in place, and keeping the interest rate at a fair level, Equities First is a smart choice for anyone looking to expand their business or get started on a new project. Another positive note to the loans is that there are no restrictions on their use, making it easier for the borrower to decide how to use their capital in a way that will get best benefit for business.

Borrowers that would benefit the most from these types of loans must still meet a minimal level of qualifications in order to be approved. Partnering with a lender is a huge step and it needs to be done with a reputable company that a borrower can trust because the success of a company can rely on a loan. By quickly raising the funds that are needed through this type of loan, you can find out if your business is going to flourish or not.


Andrea McWilliams: Lobbyist and Supporter of the Arts

Hailed as the one of the finalists for Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s “Texas Businesswomen of the Year” in 2016 and as the 2009 Austin Business Journal top lobbyist in Texas, Andrea McWilliams has earned the reputation as a hard-working and highly skilled lobbyist, well known in Central Texas and nationally. Educated at The University of Texas in Austin, Andrea McWilliams quickly rose from her entry position as a file clerk at the Capitol to chief of staff for a state representative.

After leaving government and working for a public relations firm, Public Strategies, Inc., Andrea McWilliams blended her experiences in the public and private sectors to open the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a firm she runs with her husband. Together, they draft policy for their clients and consult in a variety of areas.

Notably in Texas, she helped pass legislation to provide 100 million dollars in incentives to build a coal power plant in Texas that captures the carbon, making it more environmentally friendly than current plants. She also made a name for herself nationally fundraising for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign and vocally supported Ted Cruz in his 2016 presidential run.

Even while running her own business, Andrea McWilliams takes time to support philanthropic causes as well, notably many organizations working with the arts. She served on the board of Ballet Austin and helped set up their major charity event, Ballet Fete. She also participated in the University of Texas Blanton Museum of Art Gala. Andrea McWilliams helped support the Center for Child Protection volunteering as a dancer for Austin’s “Dancing With the Stars.” An advocate for visual arts, she also donates to the Mexi-Art Museum and Arthouse in Austin. For her local philanthropic work, Austin Fashion Week honored her with a well-deserved “Style Setter” award in 2017.


Rona Borre is an erudite scholar

The Instant Alliance was founded back in 2001 by Rona Borre, and now she holds a position there as the CEO. Her business is recognized nationally as a successful female-owned business that has thrived through all odds and emerged among the best business in the country.  Check this on instantalliance.com


Due to her great personality, an opportunity was granted to Rona to lead in some of the three Chicago community organizations Young President Organization, Economic Club and the Chicago network. Her hard work and interaction there has been recommended in broader terms and applauded by many.


As a female entrepreneur and a role model to many, she has been showcased in media station like CNN, Crain’s Chicago, CBS2 Chicago, CNBC and USA Today. Due to her consistency and hard work, the National Association of Women Business and Business Ledger honored her as one of the most influential women in business.

For more articles, click on chicago.blueskyinnovation.com

Rona Borre is an erudite scholar; she obtained her BS at the University of Arizona in Business. This foundation helped her in making the best out of her company. Her business has been thriving well all through since its establishment. Rona received an accolade from the Enterprising Woman of the Year as the Enterprising Woman of the year.


Rona is a focused, determined and passionate woman in helping her enterprise and sees it grow and mentoring the young entrepreneurs.

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ClassDojo is Bringing Harmony to Teachers and Parents

The word “dojo” is a Japanese term that literally means “place of the way”. When this word is placed after the expression “class” it is now means a place of great teaching and learning. Class Dojo was created in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These guys used to be teachers and they decided to take their experience to the mobile world of applications.


ClassDojo was brought to life to help teachers to effectively educate children. This application is used in a variety of different classrooms all over the country by many different teachers.


As a matter of fact, at least 1 teacher in 90% of all U.S. schools is now registered with Class Dojo. There are at least 30 million parents (and their students) that are registered with this application as well.

Visit instagram.com and learn more about the App.

ClassDojo is a great device for helping people teachers and students to reach their best potential in the classroom. This mobile app is best used on a person’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, it can (and often is) used on a PC computer.


ClassDojo has a lot to offer in terms of communication, reporting and even tutoring students. The app’s main benefit is that it allows moms, dads, teachers, administrators and even instructional assistants to all communicate with one another over a student’s behavior.

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Let’s face it; students are at the core of Class Dojo and they are the reason why this app was invented. Don’t get it wrong, teachers are extremely essential to the education process. However, without students, this system would simply fall apart.


So, the app is set up to make a teacher’s and parent’s life easier in regard to their students. Communication is a big deal for teachers and parents. ClassDojo has features such as video clips, sending photos and text messages that parents and teachers can send to each other all throughout the day.


Not only does this app help to make meetings between parents and teachers an easier thing to accomplish; it can be used to provide homework and even special content. ClassDojo is making a lot of teachers and parents smile all over the country. A lot of people are involved with the ClassDojo app and they like the harmony and unity that it brings into their lives.  Source en.wikipedia.org.