Opening of Town Residential Manhattan Location Another Symbol of Their Overflowing Success

The highly successful NYC brokerage firm, Town Residential, has opened a location in Manhattan adding to its long line of luxurious offices all over the state. Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who is a real estate broker and licensed attorney based in New York.


The firm provides services focused on real estate sales, rentals, new developments, and brokerage. In the span of 6 years, they have successfully turned themselves into one of the real estate industry’s leaders. They continuously providing outstanding customer service, unparalleled transparency, neighborhood know-how, and professionalism when it comes to dealing with their clients.


They are known for handling listings of properties in key NYC locations such as the West Village, Upper West Side, SOHO, Tribeca, Upper East Side, and so many others. They also hold listings of prime properties in Miami.


Given the quality and value of the homes and various properties handled by the firm, they are more than just a reliable company. They also include a well-trusted team of hardworking and tenacious individuals ready to cater to their client’s specific needs.


The opening of the Manhattan location signifies their dedication and commitment to keep their company ahead of the game. Their presence in the area will be an advantage that will allow them to attract more clients without having to put in too much effort; since the location will already be able to speak for them.


Town Residential’s Manhattan headquarters is located at 446W.14th St. It is a 7,100 square foot office that boasts of a private roof deck and 16-foot ceilings. The whole office occupies the entire 2nd floor of the three-storey building. It provides accessibility to valuable Hudson neighborhoods and offers a serving of overflowing sophistication.


The lavish décor and interiors seen there speak volumes for what the Town brand is all about. It also provides a sampe of the quality of work and services that can be expected from the company. The Manhattan location was, after all, created to cater to a high-end market.


The expansive space of the Town office, along with its outdoor area, is the only brokerage office that has the capacity to accommodate brokers who would like to entertain and work with their clients without having to leave the office.


It is important for prospective clients to see the caliber of the firm they are working with. A high-end office is one great way to leave a lasting impression and eventually entice clients to trust and transact with the company.


Another great feature of the office is that it is directly connected to one of the High Line’s main entrances. The High Line is an elevated linear park built on a disconnected New York Central railroad also known as the West Side Line.


This area has become one of NYC’s trendiest and busiest residential neighborhoods. Through the years, a number of upscale condos have been built in the area which makes it a fitting location for Town Residential. It solidifies the fact that this company has successfully made its mark as one of NYC’s most prominent real estate firms.


The Manhattan building’s landlord, Thor Equities, is one of Town’s biggest investors. Their relationship with the company was vital in securing the space over other interested tenants.


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Seattle Genetics Is The Foremost Name In Cancer Medication

Seattle Genetics is by far one of the most popular and well known names in the drug industry, and they are working on cancer medications that will change the way people approach their treatment. They have created two drugs that will help people who are most in need, but they are now moving up with even more options that will be perfect for people who need to get into a drug trial. The drug trials for Seattle Genetics have actually made about $100 million in a year, and the company thinks that it can go up to twelve drugs if they want to.

The first thing that people need to realize is that Seattle Genetics has research done by Clay Siegall that will help them get better, and he is using an antibody therapy that he created. The antibody therapy is something that has helped a lot of people, and doctors are putting a lot of confidence into this because they know that it can work really well with their patients.

They have been said to be expanding so fast that they cannot even keep up, and that is why they have to keep working on new medications. The new medications that have been offered by Seattle Genetics will all treat different kinds of cancer, and it is very important for people to remember that they can get their doctors to come into these drug trials at any time. Seattle Genetics wants to be sure that they can help people recover, and they think that they have the right mix of research and loving care.

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